Why You Should Never Date Women Who Would Never Date Boys Who Like Charles Bukowski (1 Viewer)

Has anyone else stumbled upon this driveling bit by miss Miriam Parker?
It's funny to hear the opinions of various lit majors on Bukowski. Especially female ones.


"Bukowski is a pretty good writer."
Oh, really? Well, I'm glad you give him that!

and the last paragraph is just hilarious:

"The engaging thing about Charles Bukowski is that below his bluster, he was a really sweet guy. He really loved the women he was with. He really meant the things he said about their asses and their tits, and he meant them as true compliments. I think that the guys I've dated interpret Bukowski literally, but there's so much more to the writing. There's so much more than just tits and asses. There's pain and love and sorrow and a little glimmer of hope that things might be better tomorrow. I have become a girl who likes Charles Bukowski. What are the rules about that?"

WOW! There's more to Bukowski than tits and asses? Miriam, my dear, you are a genius.

I love to date boys who like Charles Bukowski. They'll always have a drink for me.
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