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So I was listening to some record reviews on the radio on the way to work this morning and the guy started describing a new band called Unknown Mortal Orchestra. "Imagine early hip hop break beats, distorted guitars and Bee Gees-like falsetto vocals..." And I think to myself, "Well, that does sound intriguing, doesn't it," and he queued up one of their songs and after about five seconds all I could think was, "Oh. A Prince record from 25 years ago."

So you see, it isn't that I hate all new music. I've just heard it before. So have you, probably, unless you're a teenager. And the problem with that is when I hear something like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, I see no point in listening to it, seeing as the person they are emulating, well, you can still listen to those records. And they're better. Because while he may have been copying things himself, he was mixing them all up in his weird head and they were coming out through his weird brainfilter and tiny little fingers.

The problem is, pretty much every new band has the same effect. I try to listen for a minute but eventually all I hear are other bands, other records.

About a million years ago someone asked Peter Tosh about anglo-reggae bands like the Police and he said (I paraphrase, forgive me), "I am a beautiful flower. Why would you want to look at a painting of a beautiful flower when you have the real thing right in front of you?"

So I think my problem isn't disliking new music, it's disliking paintings of beautiful flowers. Or something.

Plus I'm an old crank.

All apropos of nothing, naturally. But what else am I good for?
I guess I have 10 years or so to get to that point.

I hear the influences when I listen to new music, and unless they are really bad, or just a blatant photocopy of the band they are influenced by, I can usually get past that. not all the time, but usually.

I just think I'm not as naturally cranky as mjp. ;)

but I will say, in the past few years, there's been a shitload of bands either influenced by the '80s, the Beach Boys/surf pop or Prince.
So, it's not just me who prefer to listen to the good ol' music, instead of the new. Phew, what a relief.
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I tend to compare new music with what came before - or at least what I know came before. A lot of times I can spot that "new" artist's influences so easily, I just dismiss them outright. But I try not to expect everybody to be a groundbreaker either. Personally speaking that's where my cynicism regarding the state of modern music comes in. I start expecting a fresh take on say, blues rock, and then here comes the fucking Black Crows. In the end, I just want a good song that grabs me and that doesn't "steal" too blatantly from someone who came before.

And at the risk of sounding like a cranky old bastard, all of what I said above gets harder and harder to do after 35+ years of devoted listening and playing. But I try....
OK I went to their site and heard the song they put on their site to you know say well here we are-so unless it's counter marketing genius.
It's crap
Fans of this band should get beat up and probably will-no one will notice. Eye liner hides everything...everything
I don't think you're a crank, I know you're a crank. It especially irritates when I'm on here drunk as Judas at the Last Supper. Less crankiness and more sobriety is a win-w......win-lose in that order. Heh.
I probably won't run out an read it immediately either, even though I agree with his premise (and he lives in my neighborhood). I read an excerpt and bits of a few of his other books and it seems like some dry, analytical shit, which doesn't exactly excite me.

"And i think too of old men, sick of music, sick of everything"
I don't see anyone in this thread saying they are "sick of" or don't listen to music. Pointing out that virtually everything done now is a rehash and a retread is not the same as being turned off music completely. It's just an observation.
Everything has always been a rehash.
It just depends on the quality of the rehash...
After Glen Miller went down in flames with a hooker in his lap rock and roll was just a weak epilogue. Therefore I only listen to Wagner whilst running round my room, arms outstretched like an aeroplane.

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