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i watched a movie on some drunk old man writing dirty poems and beating his wife calling her a whore and a cunt bitching about his father beating him with a belt as he drank himself to death and i was curious, why i did not turn it off i sat alone on easter and drank some vodka, jerked off and ate beef jerkey and stumbled on a forum full of drunk man fan bois all i could think is how much he would hate everyone of you for comming to such a place
Nice generalizations about all of us. There are so many points that I could make with your poem/post, but I'll start with this:

"drunk man fan bois"... Does that mean that we love him because of the popular notion that he was just a womanizing, alcoholic "dirty old man?" Are you assuming that we are all "bois?" Is that the same as "boys?" If so, I can tell you that there are a number of women in the forum. Also, most of us are not fans of Bukowski because of the way that he is viewed by a media that needs to put everyone in a neat little box. I believe that most of us amire Buk for his writing. We accept his flaws, but in the end, it is his writing that we love, not the persona that was created to sell books.

I can only assume that you have not read any of the posts on this forum?

Anyway. Welcome to the forum.


p.s. I'll let some other forum member take on the notion that he was writing "dirty poems", which probably account for 3% of the thousands of poems that he wrote over a period of 50 years. Hell, maybe a goyl will take that one on....
would i be
"breaking the rules"
if i were to tell darkblight
to go fuck himself?
(in large bold italicized brightly colored font
possibly with an image to hammer the point home)
bill, you're very measured, and also very nice.

does this guy think he's the first one to come here and say "buk would hate all of you?" i've been here 3 months, and i've seen it tons of times already. i don't need to be liked by people whose writing i admire, and i'm sure buk would hate this guy more for biting his style (poorly), and i'm sure he would hate anyone who gave a shit what writers thought of them the most. good point, guy. no one here has ever bothered to consider what buk would think about this site. we all thought he would come back from the grave to blow us for heaping so much admiration on him.

"bois" may be a gay reference, and if it is, then sure, i'll admit to being a pole-smoking fagboy. why the hell not.

fuck this guy- he came here to pick a fight, and he's insulting everyone here. if this forum were a party at one of our houses/apartments, this guy would get a drink tossed in his face, and he'd leave in disgrace. don't give him the credit he doesn't deserve. also, i fully expect some snide, "whoa there buddy, i was just tryin' to make a point" kind of response, since that's how these assholes tend to act. that's right, i can generalize too.
You are right on all things, except about me being measured and nice! Ha!

It is interesting that there are members here that have studied Bukowski for decades and know not only his writing inside and out, but also know his likes and dislikes and the true man behind the myths and characters that he created from READING his poems and stories, talking to his friends, lovers, etc... Then you get folks that get an impression that Buk would have hated this forum based on the 90 minutes that they have studied him in a movie.

There is nothing wrong with being new to discovering Bukowski. I think that many of us would love to be able to go back and discover him again and be able to dive into his writing like it was new all over again. That being said, those that do not know (and only know Bukowski as "a wife beater" or as a "writer of dirty poems"), should not assume and generalize.

I do think that you are probably right, that his goal is to start something on tis forum. If so, he'll be sniffed out pretty quick as has happened to a few otrhers that tried the same thing, only to be removed... Only time will tell.

I think that this thread is going to get mighty ugly at some point. Either that or the original poster will never reply and we will be left arguing with someone that has already moved on to another writer whose 50 year creative output can be summed up in a 13 line poem/posting after watching a 90 minute movie.
At first you feel sympathy for those people that can't see what's clearly important for them, and later on you just want to run them over like so many head-light blinded deer. Get the fuck out of the way, I got things to do. It's cute when little kids ask questions but not when they're old enough that they should know better.
Okay, so darkblight watched a movie about someone, didn't like them much and then supposedly scoured the internet for more info and found our beloved forum.

Fair enough.

Hey, darkblight, FUCK YOU. You don't know anything about me. Or anyone on this site. And, I suspect, not much about Henry Charles Bukowski Jr. Watch the film again. Maybe read the biography "Locked in the Arms of a Crazy Life" by Howard Sounes. Then read EVERYTHING written by (Henry) Charles Bukowski (Jr). Then come back here and read every post on the forum. And then please...


Normally, I'd just smile my secret smile and go back to the index to find a more interesting thread. In fact, thats what I'm going to do in one mo after I click Post. But once again... darkblight FUCK YOU.

I will be surprised if that clueless prick shows her or HIS oh so clever, knowing dickless spineless clueless web face on this forum again. Joker.

You know, I think I type with a slightly US accent on this forum. Crazy. Oh well. Back to my enormous, well read, studied, analysed and valuable BUKOWSKI collection.

Hey darkblight - welcome to the forum. Say something interesting before I fall asleep. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz too late.

Hey forum pals, sorry for the lame post. Back to normal now, promise ;)
Hank Solo,

Wow.... I can't argue with one thing that you said.

Good show! I agree that either he will never post again, or will post a long rambling hate filled post against us all for not accepting his 13 line assesment of the writings of Bukowski and for daring to play the part of the obsessed fans that we are.


wow. mjp, you should let all the other locals here get their say in about this stupid poster and then lock this thread up. this whole thing creates much un-needed negative energy.

as for you, darkblight, you don't like things that go on here? well, you know where the fucking door is and I'm sure we'll be 100% better off without you, you goddamn ignorant prick. besides, who asked you anyways? why waste your time even making your voice heard if your so "above" what goes on here?

thats all i'm gonna say. forgive me for buying into this blatant and unstructured attempt at riling all the devoted participants here.

the fact is, this little shit-stain doesn't deserve all this misbegotten attention.
you said "only if we let him" implying that you might not let him, then said just like me.

but its ok, i dont really want to argue about it. i think the site is great. lets drop it
I'll put it simply for you. There are three moderators here, and if any of them takes issue with anything you or anyone else says, they can remove it, and prevent you, or anyone else, from posting again.

So you are not free to say whatever you'd like.

The longer you're here, the less the moderators are going to watch over what you say. So, in actual practice, there are some people who are free to say whatever they'd like, but you are not one of them. Maybe one day you will be. Or maybe you'll be gone before the weekend. Who can say? It's a crazy world. But it's mostly up to you to sink or swim.
The title of the Thread "wife beater" reminds of one of my favorite short stories (or poem?) by Bukowski about the man who beats his woman for bringing her bird and cage outside for air... he sums it up with a line such as, "Only a real man beats his woman morning, noon and night."

Does anyone have a link to this story or the actual quote i'm referring to? It's one of my favorite quotes due to the roaring laughter it brought when reading it a few years ago, a soul-filled laughter that has yet to leave me..
the colored birds


I pour another coffee and decide that that's a new
one: he usually only beats her at
night. it takes a man to beat his wife night and
day. although he doesn't look like much
he's one of the few real men around
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