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OK so Sweden has let it's judicial system be used to run a smear campaign against Assange but here's a good objective documentary from Swedish national television:

Wikileaks Doc

- torture of children,
- shooting a wounded civilian crawling in the gutter with a cannon from a helicoptor,
- shooting a guy with his hands up with the cannon in a helicopter.

Didn't they tell us that video games would cause violence?
War is definitely hell.

Assange is one tough MF to lead this thing.
How long can this guy keep going?
Assange has been doing what journalists are supposed to do... getting information out to the people. If the governments manage to get away with what they're trying to do to him, you can probably kiss any free-flow of information in the future goodbye. I like that Putin suggested that he be awarded a Noble Prize. Even though Putin was being facetious, Assange may well deserve it.
In principle I respect the governance of the site but I'm not sold on his journalistic intent. Assange is in earnest just a subversive hacker. I've the utmost respect for journalists who work street-level and face the dangers they are well aware of they face. The second highlight Erik notes is, I believe, referencing a journalist (from Reuters?) who was detailed to a group of armed "civilians." Real-time judgements vs post judgements in war are comfortably nuanced morally when we can sit in front of our computer screens. If only we had Wikileaks since the Dawn of Man - Kings and Governors alike would be exposed for the corrupt fools they are. As long as it's two-sided, so to speak.

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