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Would have stuck this in the Seen Any Good Movies... thread but that appears to be locked.
Anyway, I watched the Ingmar Bergman classic for the first time last night. A lot of the cineastes on here will have seen it already I guess but I thought it was an absolutely stunning piece of cinema. And Ingrid Thulin would be a beauty in any era.
I have Wild Strawberries in my DVD library along with The Virgin Spring, as well as the terrific 1963 documentary Ingmar Bergman Makes a Movie, which every Bergman fan should see at least once.
When he died in 2007, a local TV channel ran a season of Bergman and I watched all of his films. I pick up a DVD of Bergman film whenever I can, but they are damned expensive here.
Would have stuck this in the Seen Any Good Movies... thread but that appears to be locked.
This seems to be a better way to go, no? That thread was so long the same movies were coming up 2 or 3 times and you couldn't really discuss them in that disjointed way. The popularity of that and the music threads made this section seem like a natural addition.
I wasn't criticising, I just wasn't sure this warranted its own thread...
Oh, I didn't take it as a criticism, was just explaining why the old thread is closed.

Every movie, record or musician warrants a thread. Why not. All of this will make more sense this way.
Gee, does anyone see any similarities between Bergman and Buk? ;)

Maybe a few: both are very articulate, both address downbeat themes, both are soft spoken. Both had very strict fathers and both rebelled against them. Both craved solitude to one extent or another. Neither suffered fools gladly.

Bergman was, initially at least, a Nazi sympathiser, whereas Buk sprouted Nazi stuff to be controversial.

However there are stark differences: as far as I know Bergman wasn't an alcholic, but rather a workaholic, and he was successful from early in his career. Bergman was comfortable in a crowd and would readily discuss his work with academics.

For Bergman film was the ultimate form of artistic expression. With a few exceptions, film bored Buk.

Buk had a great sense of humour. I don't think Bergman found anything in life amusing other than perhaps intellectually.

Bergman would tend to place himself on a pedestal. Buk would place himself in a dumpster.

Then there's the intruguing comparison of how they portrayed and treated women in their work and in their lives.

It would have been interesting to ask each about the other.

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