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8. Jefferson Airplane - The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil.

Hot bass bit at 2:25 -. mjp will just love this shit:

I can't tell if Grace is trashed or tripping out of her gourd.

Or both.
Well that pretty clearly demonstrates the problem with bands tripping on acid while they play, and that is, you have to be on acid yourself to appreciate it. It doesn't really hold up unless you are, I don't know, Wavy Gravy or something.

Besides I like the current day Grace Slick who looks and thinks more like Rush Limbaugh than a child of the filth, degradation and enlightenment of 60s San Francisco.

Rock on!
The same color acid, to be specific. :rolleyes:

No love for the distorted Cassady stuff? Word is he was fairly sane during that whole crap - sane being a relative term, of course.
No love for fuzz over actual distortion (though I am building a fuzz box with 50 year old germanium transistors, so take all of this with a grain of salt). Sounds like a fuzz box to me anyway, on that recording you linked to.

But no, I don't think you should ever do that to a bass. Bass is bass. If you want to play the guitar, play the guitar. Don't half ass it with four fat strings. That don't work. It don't hammer down correctly. Anyone can hear that. Any kind of plinking, buzzing, grinding or displays of virtuosity on the bass bore the living shit out of everyone but other bass players. Surely you recognize that.

Come on, man. Stop playing devil's advocate! Take a couple steps back...toward the drummer. There you go. Now just stay there and hold down the rhythm. Shhh. Good boy, good bass player.


What it sounds like when the gates of hell open up to swallow your pretty virgin daughter.

One of the greatest songs, like, ah, ever! And a pretty weird video to go with the song!
Very, very nice choice informal, one of my favorite bands of all time, well anything Patton does is amazing.
To close out the weekend, doin' their swinging live version of Van Halen's"Hot For Teacher!"
Oh how I remember the first time I ever saw these guys at the Derby on Los Feliz blvd. I thought Marilyn Manson had started a swing band. Back then, the lead singer had full on vampire teeth, a cape and more make up than the above referenced video. Great live band!!!!!! Actually their cd's are pretty excellent as well!

well, it seems I'm about to Bogart this thread...

I was watching American Idol tonight, and the last performer did an ok version of Maxwell's version of Kate Bush's This Woman's Work. one of the judges was crying, they all liked it. that's fine. I have no problem with that. but it made me think of how good the original was, so...

bonus track (BOGART!): y.

why are people screaming FAGGOT!? I don't get it.
Let's call it a new week, shall we?

1) The Chieftains w/Nanci Griffith -
BONUS: The Pogues -
...and while I'm on an Irish run, a scene from one of my favorite movies...

The Commitments -
I promise not to post in this thread for at least one month. especially after drinking and watching American Idol.

I'M NOT PROMISING ANYTHING! Sorry about the cap locks, it was an accident that must stay.

At the risk of killing this thread I want to start this week with a song that I kept looking for when everyone was throwing around the Rick Astley crap.

1.) Wham- .
Hey the song reminds me of walking on a white sandy beach in Southwest Florida that was covered with babes in bikinis and everyone's radio was playing this song. Yes I was three years without a vacation before then so I was hypnotized. Of course I was toting my baby boy with his sand pail. -like you care, whatever.

Just in case you don't know who is....like fingernails on the chalkboard.
Just in case you don't know who is....like fingernails on the chalkboard.

Why, why in the ever-loving cunt of god would you bother to defend yourself with this detritus? Y'know, just let it float. We are all far better off with our waffles and mango puree, all in all, don't you know?

As for me, a song that I can't get out of my head since 1975, when I first really got it. And this is the best, most unadorned version for y'all to lick up:

3) Across the Universe - John Lennon (sure, Beatles, but this is Lennon)


With lyrics like,

"The first time that I met her
I was convinced I had finally found the one
She was convinced I was under the influence
Of all those drunken romantics
I was reading Fante at the the time
I had Bukowski on my mind"

It's a great song.
2) James Carr -
BONUS: Gram Parsons - unfortunately a truncated version that rudely interrupts the James Burton guitar solo and shortens the final chorus. still a great song.

the news i could bring, i met up with the king, on his head an amphetamine crown

Even though it's about Edie Sedgwick, after watching Grey Gardens, anytime I hear the name Edie, it will remind me of Edie Beale.

Still feeling aggro, maybe my favorite music video ever. But that's probably cause I was at both gigs(The tunnel in OC, and the former Palace in Hollywood) and the video shoot(Golf N' Stuff in Norwalk, Ca) while they shot this video...

trying to keep the scene alive!

Bonus - - Conor Oberst and his band Bright Eyes.
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