Will it make my iPod?

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I was talking at my local drinking hole about the albums that moved you thread on this forum.
While I did, the bartender (25 yr old British guy) would 'you tube' the artisits I mentioned (PJ Harvey Meat Puppets Regina Spektor Tubes etc...)
He would listen then say 'it's ok but it wouldn't make my ipod'.
Wanting to take part he countered with Nelson Faulkner and Yael Naim.
The thread isn't about his tastes though.

Now I don't own an ipod I have a 35 dollar mp3 player (2gb on sale) but it got me to thinking
I would create a Buk forum song list file and i'll attach the title to the provider.

You get one song
Responses with more than on song have to be ignored.
Sorry, but thats bar room rools


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01. Bob Marley and the Wailers - Chant Down Babylon

"Come we go burn down Babylon one more time..."

Two and a half beautiful minutes about overthrowing civilization as we know it.


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Ah, Angus Young's weird, off-kilter rhythm guitar riffs were inspirational to me back in the day. He and Rick Nielsen (cheap trick) could write some shit that came at you through a zig-zaggy backdoor that you never saw coming. So I'm with you on AC/DC, but only the Bon Scott version. ;)
I'd go with King Crimson - Lark's Tongues in Aspic, Part II from the live USA album from the 1974 US Tour. The only bugger about this one is that Eddie Jobson overdubbed the violin part (including a killer solo) in the studio because apparently David Cross' part didn't come through on the recording (well, either that or Fripp knew Cross was on his way out and basically snubbed him).

03. King Crimson - Lark's Tongues in Aspic, Part II

This piece of music will mess you up. It makes AC/DC sound like Lawrence Welk.:eek:
It may be tough to find a free link. Fripp is a pit bull about compensation after basically making no money off the band for years in the 1970s.

The concert in question is here on Fripp's official site:


The version there doesn't have the Eddie Jobson overdub, however. It is the raw tape from the show.

If you go elsewhere, make sure you get Part II and not Part I, Part III or Part IV.


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Yay King Crimson. I'd make that available for download except that USA is the only KC album from that period that I don't have (I do have it on vinyl but that doesn't help at the moment).

I can think of a lot of songs that belong on anyone's iPod, but since we're limited to one, Brought with the Rain by Bert Jansch, still has the exact same hypnotic, calming effect on me as when I first heard it something like 35 years ago. A powerful little piece of music, for me anyway.


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I can think of a lot of songs that belong on anyone's iPod, but since we're limited to one, Brought with the Rain by Bert Jansch, still has the exact same hypnotic, calming effect on me as when I first heard it something like 35 years ago. A powerful little piece of music, for me anyway.
Hey, that opening guitar reminds me a lot of Nick Drake's Five Leaves Left.

You definitely want Drake's "River Man" in your mp3 player.
the late, great george harrison's "here comes the sun" from the beatles album abbey road.
song trivia: i read that he skipped out on a beatles/apple records business meeting and went to his friend eric clapton's house, and while playing eric's acoustic guitar in the garden, he came up with a little song called "here comes the sun".


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although I can take him or leave him, song by Billy Bragg always gets to me. Bragg leaves his political stuff out of this one. great character study, great trumpet bit at the end, great "Sun Studio, Sam Phillips" sound.

Love all the music you have all posted. Buk loved Shostakovich (and Mahler and Sibelius and Stravinsky and a lot of others) and I found this hair-raising performance of Shostakovich Symphony 10, Allegro, played by Gustavo Dudamel and his young Venezuelans...

Buk has a great poem about this piece, "2am" which I believe is uncollected.

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I'd go with King Crimson - Lark's Tongues in Aspic, Part II from the live USA album from the 1974 US Tour.
I saw Robert Fripp during the G3 Tour with Joe Satriani and Steve Vai in Vienna `04. He opened the show by sitting on stage alone and doing something to his guitar for about 30 minutes which sounded like a swarm of orcas slowly copulating and/or dying in a stormy ocean. It was a bit hard to get into it, but after you did, you forgot your waiting on some dry land to grip onto. You were in it, then.
OK, thanks. Just getting used to all this new technology. I'm still a book and pencil guy, so I'm making slow steps into this BRAVE NEW WORLD...
This is great! Really great
The drug for me is I'm going to put them on the ipod without listening to them until I walk by the river on Sunday-then read who listed it.
And the best part is I don't know most of the songs listed.
Thansk I'm really looking forward to Sunday
I couldn't figure out how to scan "2 a.m." and attach it so here it is:

2 a.m.

the time they used to run me out
of the West coast
but now I am listening to
Shostakovich's Tenth
which has about everything
needed to keep you
against the dung
I've got to admit that I
cheat on the game, I
borrow strength from
various magic creatures of
the earth
such as
he's here now
and I marvel at his blaring
gut courage.

I, myself, have gotten
letters about my writings
from people who have
said--whether it is true
or not--that my crap
kept them from tossing
it in.
letters from jails,
people balancing at
the edge of the
but I never wrote to save
I wrote to save my own
screaming and sometimes
laughing from the
slashing pits of
one hundred percent
zero--sometimes the
billions of mankind,
sometimes one person,
one thing,
one moment,
one anything, or
everything or not
or just your hands
hanging from your
or just an empty
vase or a
dead bird
or the relentless
drone of
(drink to that

so now
2 a.m. closing
but not here
Dmitri spins
it out
and I borrow from his
immense psyche,
I feel better and better
and better
listening to him,
he cures me onward,
each drink
my stupid wounds
the Tenth goes on
circling these
I owe this bastard,
I will never be able
to write him,
what a grand snail,
what a bloody
this boy,
this man,
this dead Russian,
the Tenth has finished
as I was writing,
I will sleep,
I will sleep now,
next to my wife
and our
this is the way
it should be,
this is the flame
in the eye of the
this is the purple
ocean of
this is so much
better than it
used to be,
that old
2 a.m.
shut out from
the mirror
and the 250
bottles of glass,
walking through
the alone
murdered again.
DAMN, this is so hard!
only ONE song???
i cannot do this, never!
i couldn't even name 'only' 5 DOZEN songs to make 'my ipod' (if i had one).

but let me give you something, that might be able to make the LAST song on this ipod-list.

it's a song, i sometimes listen to, before/when i go to sleep.
at certain times.
and when these times occure, i program it to play about 6 or 7 or 8 times, so i fall asleep with it.

The Smiths: 'Asleep'

hank solo

Just practicin' steps and keepin' outta the fights
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This week, the song I would put on Jimmy Snerp's mp3 is:

Friday Night, Saturday Morning by The Specials

[This video is unavailable.]

Digney in Burnaby

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If anyone can make this song into an mp3 for me I'd stick it on an ipod and my pod and your pod as well.

A 45 from my old Bomp! catalog buying days.

Stanley Frank - S'cool Days

S'cool Days indeed!

(That or some Pagliaro song like Some Sing, Some Dance or Lovin' You Aint' Easy or....)

Digney in Burnaby

donkeys live a long time
Thanks to Father Luke and Hank Solo for the mp3 files. Obviously I still don't know my way around a computer well enough to do things for myself.
I have thought long and hard, and looking at the list above, I think... I would like... a Pogues song please. And that song would be "Fairytale Of New Year". Not a classic Pogues song but actually a Classic Pogues song, if that makes any sense.
It was a tough choice. But I think this is what I would like, but .... I reserve the right to change my mind at any time. :)


"Pair of Brown Eyes" by the Pogues is probably my favorite song of theirs. That and "Bottle of Smoke", of course....



It is what it is
Well, I wanted to say the Goldberg Variations. It is one piece, but not a song.
So in lieu of that (and to not take up too much room on your mp3 player) "Wise One" by John Coltrane.
Coz there's enough 'up' stuff here already.

And Hooch... I always think of Billy and that song when I meet a "bloke who only laughs at his own jokes". There are too many of these people.
The milkman of human kindness... :) ...sure.


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Fairytale of New York and A Pair of Brown Eyes are both excellent choices, but if I were to choose a Pogues song it would have to be The Old Main Drag (which is also the first Pogues song that I ever heard).
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