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Went on a random trail on wikipedia and ended up on the Will Self entry, now as a fan of some of his newspaper articles and television work I have always meant to check out one of his novels, any recommendations???
I have a collection of his essay's called: FEEDING FRENZY, which is really good, even if he does sound like a pretenious wanker regularly. 'The Quantity Theory of Insanity' is a good set of short stories he wrote - i think before he became rather famous.

I didn't venture any further into him. I suggest both those books and nay mare.
Will self is funny in person but noit so much as an author. As Olaf states, he is a bit of a pretentious twat on paper. Never read any of his work but tried to get into 'Great Apes' and more recently 'My Idea of Fun'. I may try to pick up the latter again as I seem to remember a couple of funnies

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