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...Hm. I'm just so glad to have found this place and seen that such a place exists.. You can call me want you want,
cobweb kelly, joe clark, larry bogart, frans dressing,
or simply hard..anything will do. I'm not so picky with the name.
Anyway, thought i'd let you know i've come in.
Been reading buk for quite awhile, can't get enough of it..
no, really.. I can't find a job, and can't afford to buy anymore books..
its a crying shame, its a sham..out of work, enough food, but no more freakin books. Trade i've tried, but people just don't have the selection of what I would like to read.

Pft, i'm rambling.
Anyway, now you know my game.

Keep the change.
Welcome to the forum.

Have you tried the library and what's your real name?
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Oh i've checked the library, and to no avail.
They either have tasteless readers, or are just uninformed.
I've actually checked the libraries in the surrounding towns,
not a thing.
They have some Henry Miller, but no Bukowski.
Closest thing I could find, and that's in an entirely different field for me.
Thanks for the suggestion though.

..Oh, and the real name
is Palmer.
Welcome aboard, KeepTheChange (Obama)! - You can get your local library to take home the books you're looking for from other libraries.
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Ha - I rewatched Twin Peaks from beginning to end over the summer. I still like it, it was really anti everything else on TV at the time. But I don't know how it's holding up. Parts of it were smelling a little moldy.

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