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- for chas bukowski

I'd been pounding the underworld all night, sulk-
ing for the lovely whore of words the nose-flute
of words the kettledrum reverberating of them in
yr mind yr ears yr groin & belly & finally sulk-
ing for their uselessness their inadequacy...&
Bobby Frink came by & drove me to the Pizza Hut
& bought me beers beers beers and it was 12.30
closing time & while walking home slow just
staring at the maniac rose-full moon I saw this
tall chick with her Lil Abner Long Sam body &
ass length red hair... I introduced myself
as the greatest living poet of Normal Illinois &
she'd heard about me cause its always in the local papers
how I'm in jail for narcotics or
assault or for trashing telephone booths that
steal yr last dime - it gets around... we end
up in her bathtub doing something special & juicy with her
strawberry glycerine soap & it was one of the
good nights the fine nights, a night that comes
along once in a while when you can take off yr
mask & just freak all night like that some-
times or its all a drag a mask a role, a Big Rig
truckstop with lukewarm showers & bad hamburgers
... but then it was Thursday morning & I fell
asleep just as her old man came in - I told him
how Bad I was but he kicked my ass anyway -
well all I really wanted to say was how some of
us die screaming some howling with laughter some
just rotting away in the arms of that Bitch-
Death State... I want to try it all before I go
& if you think that strawberry soap wasn't worth
a crack on the jaw then yr rotting away already

From: 10,000 r.p.m. and digging it, yeah! (1973)

Source: http://www.shadowtrain.com/shadowtrain/id77.html
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