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One commits hara- kiri and the 2 have more room.
Reminds me of the apartment- sharing community I lived in for half a year. Martha and I had 19 square meters for us and a similar bed. I never, ever would share the bathroom and kitchen again with 4 others. Or live in a shoe box at all.
The Japanese are very clever people and build these short swords for microstudio hara- kiri only.

They are called wakizashis. She should get one in NY.
I can understand if you have to live in such a small room, where you even have to slide in and out of your bed like some contortionist, but actually liking it?
I had to turn it off. I lived somewhere as small for over two years, but without the smug appliances that make it feel like a consumer wet dream in a trash compactor. I could stand in the middle of my bedsit and pretty much touch all four walls. My youtube video, 'get the fuck out of my dwarf colony you voyeuristic bastard', was unfortunately removed after youtube was press-ganged by advertising executives. I moved to an apartment with ceilings that were only 6 feet high and was much happier (laughing at tall people knocking themselves out on the light fittings).
Reminds me of how Edna St. Vincent Millay lived in the tiniest apartment in Greenwich Village. It's very narrow. The place still exists. I wonder what it rents for.
She talked about saving money, and her bankruptcy attorney father. However did I miss how much she pays for rent? Because of it's location I would think it was quite expensive, but wonder roughly what it would cost?
I was talking to a friend the other night and really, with EVERYTHING being stored on computers and EVERYTHING being run by computers, maybe this is the future. I mean, if you are single and have all of your movies, music, books, photos, etc, etc on the computer, how much room would you need? It reminds me of the old George Carlin routine about "stuff." It seems that you could live a pretty fulfilling life in one of these, maybe a bit bigger for 2 people.

I can see a Terry Gilliam-style future where everyone lives in tiny apartments like this. Families just get adjacent apartments when they have kids. Moving would take about 2 hours as you would only have to move your bed, clothes, and a bit of food.

I'm still gonna shaky my angry fist at the world and resist, but I am probably fighting a losing battle, especially as the population spirals and space becomes even more of a commodity...

...I wanted to live in Manhattan.

Over the years (decades, actually) I met many, many people like her. They are Manhattan snobs who would never consider living in Brooklyn or Queens because they feel it's beneath them and not indicative of the "New York Experience." Consequently, the live in terrible places (see above) just so they can say they're a "(212)." One of the local sayings in the single scene is "Never date a 718." I'm betting for the same amount of money she could find a decent, humane place to live in one of the outer boroughs. But she'd rather live like a rat in a hole just to say she's down the street from Central Park. Pick your poison.
Being from the West, the thought of high-density living makes me claustrophobic. I had to stop watching the video because of the tightening in my chest.

I mean, jezus -- your enemies could be at your doorstep before you even realized it! You don't have any shooting ports...no place to bury future provisions for when TSHTF (the shit hits the fan, for you non-survivalists)...and good luck spending a drunken night screaming and weeping uncontrollably without the nosy neighbors calling the cops...

I've seen Red Dawn enough to know that just ain't no way to live...
More than 80 minutes of "tiny houses".
The French cave is my favorite.
Keep on breathing, Hosho.

I've seen a lot of these microhomes popping up on the news here in the Northwest and if I didn't have a family... I'd probably do it. Just dump all my shit and move into a really tiny home.

Of course, I'd probably never cook at home if it were so small... I'd have to make sure I lived next to a Sherry's I suppose.
N.Y. Mark hit it right...these people are complete snobs who are willing to go to the most ridiculous measures just to say that they live in Manhattan. I lived for most of my life in small (but livable) rent controlled apartments in lower manhattan; (I had no qualms about becoming a '718' when I saw how much further my $ would go), around 1980 or so the snobbish pricks began taking over in droves, people who grew up in Iowa now acted like they invented the whole concept of urban living as though centuries of immigrants hadn't already paved that road for them.
Also: the Edna St. Vincent Millay house is still there. It has a plaque on there which states that it is the narrowest house in N.Y. I believe it also makes reference to her having once lived there. It has sold recently for multiple millions.

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