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Hi all,

I picked up a copy of Women today and its a misprint... as for example reading pag 101 turning the page and expect 102 but it blank... turn the next pag and it is 104 so but was wondering as I could’t find any information on the net.. added also some photos to this one... and would love to hear if I found a gem among collector editions, thank you in advance!





That's just a printing error. I'm afraid it doesn't add to the value of the book, it detracts from it.
Thank you MJP for your comment. But still makes me wonder if there are many outthere.. and nevertheless I do agree that it distracts it could be a fun add to one’s collection, as I may speak for myself I do collect in my library first editions in English and Dutch. Propably this one will leave for something else, or I’ll keep it and add it to my few prints of Women, lets see what happens...
What happens is a sheet fed printing press picks up two sheets instead of one, or a back or front doesn't get printed on the first (or last) few pages in a lift (or on a roll), and at the end of the job, when it's all folded, cut, collated, and bound, you end up with random blank pages.

It isn't related to the edition or the printing number, and it can happen at any time during any print run. It's a mistake that only affects a few copies, and it's something that the press operator routinely grabs and throws into a recycling bin.

It's really just an annoyance for the consumer, not the kind of error that adds any value to a book. Until shoddy workmanship becomes collectible, anyway.
Thanks! Yes it is an annoyance when you first bought that book for the first time, nevertheless as it will only be a few copies that are not found by the operator it could be also a highly collectible item despite shoddy workmanship... look for example to the vinyl record industry that sometimes pop up these misses and they cost a fortune... I have even seen examples of companies that release these as highly limited editions.. under test presses that go wrong...
Belongs to the category of should’a, would’a, could’a, as Judge J. would say. Not so rare! ? But good luck...
let the kid dream...
And the Dreamers are Awake..
Belongs to the category of should’a, would’a, could’a, as Judge J. would say. Not so rare! ? But good luck...
Not so rare? If it only happens to a few, and most are picked out by an operator as has been written earlier you might consider these kind more rare than for example books, cds, vinyls or whatever that are autographed.. and thats something I never understood that people buy items that are not autograped in their presence, thats my personal opinion and is off topic but thanks as I find it a fun add to my collection of “Women”... and yes I do dream to find our more...

As for me, thread can be closed and thanks to mjp for giving a little info on how and why of these kind of error. Guess there will be no real answer to be found here. At least not in this thread, but again it was fun. Thanks!
kid, yours won't be the first dream to die hard at buk.net.

don't shoot the messenger...
I bought an Ecco paperback of Pulp where the first 6 pages are creased from a very knowledgeable collector. I got it for $300!!! That kids book is worth a grand any day. Stop bullshitting him...
Thanks, and it does not feel like somebody is bullshitting me... I have been around to long to get bullshitted, its only unfortunate for the others they didn’t find something like this... ?
hey dum dum - if you want to find out the real market value, stop wasting your time with us
and put it up on ebay.

the sound of no bids will be deafening...
HahahHa... why you folks think I want to need a price... fuck me I first wanted to know if it is rare blahdiefpookingblah and any other information would be nice... and MJP, and even I was polite enough to be thankful for his information gave some sort of info on what happened to this maybe worthless or maybe expensive little mortherfucker... tried to burn it down and the rest are just bitching... or being sarcastic at least... couldn’t care less, I have been around long enough to don’t give a shit about these silly bitching remarks...

Yeah putting it on eJew and find out that one of you won it... would be hilarious...

Again it can be closed my dear moderators, as I can’t handle the truth... ?
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