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that's a pretty LARGE question, no sense in running down all the Jane, Linda's, etc...
Like the other's have said, you are very fortunate to have an EXCELLENT resource for that question.
Check out his letters in Screams from the Balcony. It's funny reading his bullshitting to get into some chick's pants. We can all relate to that!

There's also a great thread on here by Mystery Girl about her relationship with Bukowski.
Am I right to say Bukowski couldn't live without women? Did he ever live alone because he chose to, not just because of circumstance (between relationships etc)? I'm not referring to his early years before he started having relationships.

I find it a bit strange considering his love of solitude.
I'd like to read 'prescience' but I don't have that book. I haven't been reading Bukowski for the past 5 years and when I did a google for that poem I was surprised to see so many book titles I've never heard of.

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