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Just found this on ebay.


Thought the signature looked funny, and that it was a softcover with no photo of printing year or edition number. Then I scrolled down and its listed as having a 2001 printing year, which is of course unpossible. The seller is fairly new to ebay with about 10 other signed books for sale. Does the sig look real and possibly just goofed on the printing? Or is the whole thing fraudulent? I contacted seller with a question, just looking for second opinions
This has several problems.... One is that Bukowski is spelled wrong. Bukowskski... also, if it is 2001 printing date then the forger is a fool as that is the clincher. Also, it looks like the signature is on the page facing the title page, which I have never seen.

Also, the signature is shaky which does not rule it out, but it can make it look like starts and stops.

i would not touch this for half the price.

True, but the problem is that there are a lot of folks out there (who are not on this forum) that will pay $50 - $100 for this thinking that it is legit. If this is as much of a forgery as it seems to be, the seller needs to remove it from the site and not let it get out there.

I would love to hear from the seller if this really is a 2001 edition, which, of course, would guarantee that it is a forgery....
I just e-mailed the seller. He now has a bidder. This is either someone uninformed who believes that this is real or a reader on this forum that is trying to keep it from selling.

I just hope that the seller does the right thing, especially if the 2001 date is present. It is one thing to not know. It is another to ignore hard facts and forge ahead anyway...

later: Just heard from the seller and they canceled the auction. I believe the 2001 date was present. Certainly they are an honest seller that was snookered on this one. It is nice when people do the right thing.

The sale has been pulled. Good work Buk-Squad!
That's pretty funny though, that someone tried to fake a signature in a book printed 7 years after he died. But really, that signature wouldn't pass in any book. It's not the worst we've ever seen, but it's right up there.

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