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I never understood why Buk colored it in. hahaha. Anyone have the original of this? Yeah, when I took the above photo, I was kind of going for this, but I'm not a photographer so I did the photoshop thing to try and make it look "cool" or something.

I paid a lot of money to convince that chick I was a photographer. haha.
damn if you are not right. It is more noticable in her hands. Of course you can understand that I was not looking at her hands....

Yes, and it's also noticeable in the way she holds the book. In the first pic you can see all of Buk's name, but not in the second pic.

No, her hands is not what immediately catches your eye...:D
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just out of curiosity, what's the going rate to get a girl to believe you're a photographer, and then let you take a nude photo of her reading a book?
I paid her $100 an hour. I thought for a second that maybe I could actually do that and sell content. I got enough motivation together to find one girl and then gave up. She was good though...I'm glad I did it.


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