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Lolita Twist

This isn't out in theaters yet, but it was on Movies on Demand for an unregular price of $10... so Mr. G and I piped it in last night.... quite possibly the most hysterical movie I've seen in a long while. The first solid hour of the movie, neither of us stopped laughing. It takes a bit of a turn there, but nonetheless a great, brutally dark, comic film.
I love Robin Williams. I'm definitely gonna watch this movie when it comes out on DVD.
Thanks for the heads up, Lolita!
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Finally saw this a while ago. I was very impressed with Bobcat Goldwaithe's directing choices. The funny parts were funny and the sad parts were sad. But I shouldn't be surprised at his intelligence and abilities. A friend of mine worked at a comedy club here in the 1980's and swore that Goldwaithe always had bigger and better things within his grasp. Offstage, he was quiet and confident and very professional - the type of comic with the "big picture" in mind. I hope he gets more opportunities to direct the kind of projects he wants.

And the young actor who played Robin Williams' son was such a completely convincing and believable fucking asshole, that it was uncomfortable to watch !

A good script perfectly realized.

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