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Wormwood #8 (1 Viewer)

Hey all, looking for a copy of above.
Will buy, trade or lend out Pogue for 2 hrs. of quality housecleaning.
There's a couple on Abe but thought I'd give here a shot.
Interesting advert on page 19 of that one:

Charles Bukowski's latest, Run With The Hunted, is available from: Midwest, 2207 West Lunt Ave., Chicago 45, Ill., and his Longshot Pomes For Broke Players can still be obtained from The Seven Poets Press, 620 East Sixth St. (no. 3), New York 9, New York. Both are $1.00 each.
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In addition to the WR #8, I also got this from Christa, something I've been trying to find for a long time. Viva Wormwood!


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