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Wormwood Review & New York Quarterly (1 Viewer)


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Wormwood Review & New York Quarterly

AS you well know, these are the two magazines B submitted poems to regularly during 20 years. He considered them to be the best of the whole "littles" movement -yeah, I know, and The Outsider as well, but that's different.

Well, I noticed that some sellers offer the WR -with B content- from time to time on eBay -as a matter of fact I got 3 issues because I thought they were reasonably priced.

But I haven't seen anyone offering NYQ issues with B content! -at least during the last 2-3 weeks.

I know you've been lurking on eBay for quite some time now. Is that normal or have you seen/bought NYQ issues in the past?
If you're looking for NYQ check out Thomas Dorn in GA,
He is very reasonable and has tons of them.... (or used to).

I'm sure he's already scoured all the attics in a certain radius around him,
Looking for that elusive (but out there) Write mag,
But that can't stop me now :>
NYQ comes up on eBay, but less frequently than Wormwood. Actually, now that I think of it, I rarely see them. But they do pop up now and then.
I've noticed that the New York Quarterly occasionaly did special issues on some writers. Did they ever do Bukowski special issues?
Thanks guys! Just in case you were curious, here is an example of what I was getting at. Kind of weird they didn't do sometimg similar with Buk. Maybe Martin objected.

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