Wormwood Review No. 12 - 1963 - Poem For My 43rd Birthday, The End (1 Viewer)

This issue has another of my top 10--"Poem for My 43rd Birthday"

Guilty. Believe it or not, I actually did due diligence but somehow missed "It's Not Who Lived Here." I did remember I had uploaded "Vulgar" previously but I was thinking all the poems from the same issue should be together.

What about keeping the covers? I do enjoy seeing them, tho if you deem them unnecessary bandwidth cloggers, I won't include them going forward (or ToCs).

My mag collection isn't that numerous. I only have a few more issues to scan anyway...


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What about keeping the covers?
The cover is in the other post.

I'll say what I always say, which is upload whatever you want to.

But bear in mind this isn't a literary magazine forum, it's a Bukowski forum. So to my way of thinking, Bukowski's words are what's important, not so much the magazines that published them. As Purple Stickpin pointed out, the Wormwood covers are all available elsewhere.

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