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I used a piece of 24" x 48" board and to make it easy, I made it 24" wide by 10" high x 7.5" deep. Plus, it allows them to breathe a bit. Plus, there is nothing worse that making something like this only to realize that they don't fit. I glued in wood rails for the glass to ride in (because I don't have a table saw, so I could not route out a bit of the material.) I could stain it, but that would require me sanding it to remove the glue remains, and that is more work than I'll probably do until I can get a table saw and do a proper job out of cherry.

I'll take pics once the glass is in, but be warned, it is NOT a piece of master carpentry.

I'm sure it's better than any abortion I'd come up with. I can wring notes out of a guitar or a bass (and stand tall for them), but put a piece of virgin wood in my hands, and I'll manage to make it look like something that dropped out of some hobo's bunghole. Well, maybe not quite that good.

And Hobo is such a trite word, isn't it? So, my writing is as good as my carpentry. I'm so proud.


It would not take much to make something really nice, but you would need some skill and a table saw. I used 1/4" furniture grade plywood, so mine is really light, but it was also hard to glue and nail (but cost me a whopping $6 in wood). If someone was doing a proper job, they would use 3/4" oak or cherry.



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Jeez, you mean a person can add booksleves to their home, even build them? I am seriously astounded. I never imagined that. I just keep trying to cram more books into the same old shelves. I did build some nice shelves when we first moved into this house, but that was 25 years ago, and somewhere along the line I forgot it was possible to add more shelves. Well, now you've got me thinking, Bill. Where would I put a new bookcase? My Wormwoods are crammed in tight and I have more on the way from Christa soon. They could definitely use a new home. How about one of those traveling bookcases that medieval monks carried their miniature books in? With doors and brass clasps? I could move it from room to room like a wandering scholar in my own home.


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3/4" hardwood seems like overkill for a small box like that. It wouldn't need that extra quarter inch for rigidity, you'd just be adding weight. But it would certainly look more impressive with the thicker lumber.

Next time you need to route without a table saw, just clamp a straight 1x2 strip of wood to the piece you're routing, parallel to the route line, and use it as a fence/guide (do it on a piece of scrap first so you can get an accurate measurement for the placement of the guide). Works like a charm. I use the same method for making straight cuts with a hand held circular saw.

You probably know that already, but there it is.

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Officials say drugs may have played a part
I've seen this before, but this is from the back page of Wormwood 31. Among the scoundrels: City Lights



I loved these shaming lists that Marvin did. I think that Artists' Workshop was John Sinclair/White Panthers. For what it is worth, C.L. has had that rep for a while. Getting paid for books if you are a small press is not exactly easy and often impossible. I have always been paid, but I have help selling books there and they get payment up front. AS with most stores, consignment, means free. I have RARELY ever been paid for consignment books. They just often deny that they sold ("someone must have stolen them") or they just stop returning emails and keep the books This is why I don't do consignment. If I'm gonna give books away, I want to be thanked.