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Hi Folks: I was wondering if someone here might be able to answer a question about Wormwood; I couldn't find the answer although I suspect it is lurking somewhere here:

How many of the Wormwood Review issues were devoted entirely to Buk? I know of three: Legs, Hips..., Horses Don't Bet... and Beauti-ful. I know that he appeared in many of them, but how many were exclusively Buk?



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1964 Grip The Walls*
1966 Night's Work*
1974 55 Beds in the Same Direction*
1978 Legs, Hips And Behind
1981 Good-By To Hollywood*
1984 Horses Don't Bet On People And Neither Do I
1985 Good Stuff*
1988 Beauti-Ful & Other Long Poems
1991 People Poems

The ones marked with an asterisk are not stand-alone books, but the center section of the regular Wormwood issue, so some people don't count them. Krumhansl lists Grip The Walls, but not the others, so I'm not sure what his criteria was.


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Wasn't there also a Wormwood broadside poem? I have that info somewhere but you know, it's early and I'm too sleepy to get up and look for it (but not too lazy to rely on my crappy memory).


"Same Old Thing Shakespeare through Mailer" is not as much of a broadside as it is an uncut sheet from Wormwood #11. It is listed as Krumhansl #11, but I have always thought that is was not released until much later. I have never seen one of these signed with a circa 1963 Buk signature. All signed copies were signed later, I believe.

Still, this is the uncut pages from a magazine and not a broadside, per se.

I have an unsigned copy. If anyone has a signed copy, I'd love to examine the signatures to see when they were signed.


edit.... Then I found this from Al Fogel. https://bukowskiforum.com/showthread.php?p=16965#post16965 It seems that the signed copies are all signed circa 1982. I'm not sure if any of the 500 unsigned copies were ever released, or if they were overrun pages. I'm conflicted as to if this should be in the biblio at all.

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