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old and in the way
wormwoodreview.com is open for business

Just got a go-ahead from Christa to put the site online. The TOC is still-to-come sometime in the future, as are a couple of written pieces from wormwood poets, but otherwise the site is pretty much done.


By the way, if anyone notices any problems or errors, please let me know.


old and in the way
Thanks. Glad y'all like it.

And thanks to Hosh for pointing out the massive typo (now fixed) on the Bukowski page.
Glad the Wormwood website is getting such great feedback! Many hours logged on that project for both Chris and me. My father would be very pleased, I'm sure.


Sad Flower in the Sand
Yes a very cool site. I clicked a couple things last night and can't wait to give a more in depth perusal tonight... great work!


old and in the way
Anyone have Ann Menebroker's current email? I just emailed her to let her know that the site was up but it bounced at the old address. If you know how to get hold of her please PM me. Thanks.

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