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Yeah... looks like somebody dumped their whole collection on him.

Good luck Bill. I would so like to see you get all those books :D
More keeps showingt up daily. I'm not sure if this is his whole collection or if he is selling for someone else, but sadly, I think that there are not enough people on ebay to buy all of these great items. If he listed a few at a time, he may get sales, but putting this many up at one time almost guarantees that most will end with no bids.

Still... these are the best and rarest examples in almost every case.

This is one of those times that it really sucks to not be wealthy...

Reminds me of one of those cheesy TV ads where we're assured the proprietor has gone COMPLETELY MAD!!
Still, he is going about it all wrong... flooding the market with all this great stuff.
If he sold one of those books a month, he would get more action for sure.
Maybe he can't wait?
Scott doesn't seem to be too concerned with whether or not there are enough buyers for his top shelf items. He prices them fairly and if they don't sell (and he doesn't discount them like he did with cirerita's steal of Dorbin with a painting) they usually go back into his stock.

Remember, he's sold hundreds (thousands?) of poem manuscripts. His liquidation is what made them so affordable at one time. He could have leaked those out over a much longer time period and kept the prices up there, but he didn't. He has his own reasons for what he does, I'm just glad a lot of his stuff comes back to market.
Oh hell damn crap!
I had talked myself in to buying just one of his books - The Wedding.
I get up this morning and it's the only one that sold!

Fuck it!

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