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I'm really glad there's this forum. I watched Born Into This and was so pumped I loaned my copy to a friend. (hope he returns it.)
Now I want to read all the posts here. I'm relatively new to Bukowski. I'd heard about him from my friend (the one with my dvd) but hadn't been interested in reading him until recently. Just wasn't ready to be receptive. Funny how time can make a difference with that.

Fav poem so far: "Dinosauria, we"


“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
Ralf, welcome. Yeah, when I found this forum I read up like crazy. I wnt to the manuscripts section on the site and printed out stuff so i could randomly read stuff at my leisure. i like having it on paper in my bag at the ready.
that's not so much.
Mr. Spock could handle that in about 2 minutes. Take away the stupid parts, he even may manage it in about 1:55.

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