Wrapping Roy Orbison in Clingfilm (1 Viewer)

I bought 'Ulrich Haarburste's Novel of Roy Orbison in Clingfilm' on a whim. I don't know what to say. It stemmed from a website of the author, which can be found at:


It's original, surreal, and funny. It's worth digging through the website where you can find five of the original stories about wrapping Roy Orbison in clingfilm. Apparently it's only been published in the UK so far.

If anyone outside the UK wants me to send it on to them once I've finished reading it, then let me know.
Hi, I also like Roy. Lately I've spent a lot of my time dancing. Roy has been the soundtrack to most of this activity. Sometimes I can go on for six minutes. With Roy's help however, I can go from fatigued to fabulous within seconds. What is your address? We can dance together sometime.

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