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more crickets than friends

So I recently bought this movie for three reasons:
1. The title
2. It was 1.99 used on Amazon
3. It had Tom Waits in it

Now after watching it twice, it's become one of my favorite movies! I always wondered what happened to that kid .. shit I just spilled Heineken all over my damn computer desk and keyboard.. anyway I always wondered what happened to that kid (Patrick Fugit) from Almost Famous.. Turns out he's done a few things since then and he plays a fantastic lead in this movie. The movie is about where people who commit suicide end up...Great movie and features Tom Waits as some weird eccentric Angel or something to the sort and features a lot of Gorgol Bordello(gypsy punk they call themselves) music and a phenomenal opening scene featuring Tom Waits song "Dead & Lovely." Anyone else seen it?
i rented this a while back. pretty good. i must say though, i rented it for the sole purpose of looking at the girl, shannyn sossimon, or shannon sossymon, whatever her name is...

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