WTB: Bukowski in the Bathtub & Todd Moore titles


Looking to purchase a reading copy of Bukowski in the Bathtub published by WaterRow. Not looking for a $50 collectible, just a solid reading copy.

Also, looking for small press titles by the late poet Todd Moore.

Thank you!



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Not looking for a $50 collectible...
I don't think such a thing exits for that title. It's a very cheaply-made book that will crack and fall apart the minute you try to open it wide enough to read it.

A lot of people, including Bukowski, rated John Thomas very highly as a poet. He was a creep, but I guess a lot of poets are creeps.

Good poet or not, I take everything he said about Bukowski in that book with a grain (or a thousand) of salt. He reminds me of the dearly departed Ben Pleasants, except Pleasants didn't die in jail while serving time for "sexual contact" with a 15 year old. Thomas did.

Good luck!


Not so worthless after all - he provoked your response!
I'm reading Bukowski in the bathtub, and that's probably my worst reading on/about/with Bukowski. John Thomas is just bragging all along. I don't know what to trust on what he says in that book. It's even worse than reading the correspondance with Martinelli.

But I've learned something after all! That Bukowski appeared more than the database says in Black Ace books. He appeared on volume 3 with 2 poems (according to Amazon) "Hell" and "Battle Front". He seems to appear also on 4 and 5, maybe more.
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