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Wtf??? (1 Viewer)

And another Xmas surprise for mjp is ruined!!!
"The sellers told me it was Bukowski, you'll have to make your own mind up."

The ultimate caveat emptor. Welp, my mind is pretty much made up.
It is oddly interesting that the working sketch (if that's what it is) stayed with what seems like such an inconsequential piece of work for 35 years. That suggests it's either a student work (likely) or an important work by an established artist (considerably less likely). I think what is for sale here is one of R. Bowen's high school ceramics assignments.
Best idea but shipping is probably high.
It also looks like a muppet.
Perhaps we can buy it and ask the seller to smash it and post a picture.
Yeah... save everyone the trouble... they can smash it and post the pictures of the remains here. Surely worth the purchase price.
It really is up there with the dumbest 'Bukowski' things ever.
Hey mjp... maybe you should have a thread or even a section of this site dedicated to 'Bukowski' crap... you know tea towels, skate boards, muppet heads, Going Modern, etc.
Maybe not.
HA! Funny shit... literally. I wonder if you get free chopsticks with every order so that you can hold up your stringy shit to take a picture. I should start taking pictures of my BMs everyday and sending them in, just for fun. Too bad I didn't have my camera ready this morning since I had some of this nasty Jalapeño Cheese dip last night.
It looked almost the same coming out as it did going in, and I'm guessing that it probably would have tasted about the same as well, though I was not willing to find out first-hand.

As Wm. S. Burroughs said, "eat it and shit it out and eat it again... forever."

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