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What Would Bukowski Do or (T)hink

(So clever, I know,.....
and I apologize ;) )

Thought this might be fun tho,
Like the trivia thread...

Let's say the questioner has to pick 'a winner' after at least
3 responses,
Then the winner gets (wins the chance!)
To pose us all with a new WWBD(orT) quandry.

OK, let the game begin...
(and BTW-> the winner (questioner)
Has to provide a legit (or semi-legit (see mine here :) ) answer of his/her own)

Okay then, 1st puzzler....
(we all have nothing else to do right?!)

WWBD for a pen name?

Kurt N. Read
yeah, and I think Brother Schenker might be onto something to...
Henry Chinaski does sound familiar :)
Ok, my turn then....What Would Buk Think..if he saw Norse and Ginsberg walking down the street together?
Haha, a Very good one!
He'd think:
"Not that it's a shame to be a homo, but we have to wait and let homos teach us how to write."
Roni, since you're the only one who answered, you win! Maybe you can make an interesting question so we can get this thread back on track (or is this thread too silly?)...
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Yeah, come on Roni,
Come up with some totally irrelevant WWBD
Before I Do

nothing is too silly,->
if you're reading this
you too are still savoring
lifes sweet flavoring...
Breathe in
Breathe out

Now come on Roni

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