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X-Ray #6 (1 Viewer)

it's a broadside of a poem called, "ROC, you should graciously bow out and give Jordan a fighting chance at this one."

no seriously, i heard it's probably the worst poem he ever had published.
This listing is wrong. There is not Bukowski in this one. It is actually Chuck Dukowski (Hankie to his friends). Don't bid on this one....

That being said, the line above is bullshit, but I have a bid and want to take this for $99.99!


p.s. I think that it is "3 more by Bukowski"
Does anyone know what the Buk contribution is to this?
I see the seller answered in the auction, but before that you could have found the answer in the database.

I can't bring myself to pay the premium prices for those X-Ray things. I don't think they're worth it. I realize I'm in the minority on that, but I just don't see it.
This ended last night with only two bidders; bospress with his customary starting bid and then me for a dollar more.
I thought jordan might swoop in at the last minute, but no.

The seller has expressed his disappointment with the sale price, but what can you do?
He says he paid $200 for it a few years ago.

There are only 3 of these on ABE right now, (2 for $350, 1 for $170) so even though I agree with you, mjp and cirerita, that these things are not worth throwing a lot of money at - I think I did alright :)
Anytime you can buy something for half what the seller paid, you've beaten the odds.

But then you just know that some asshole will post one day about a copy of Write that he got for free at a yard sale and we'll all have to hand him/her the crown and just stop trying. ;)
i really wanted to get it- i was going to bid on it if i thought i could get it for under $150... but then i bought that copy of hollywood last week, and i had to wave goodbye to some of the other ones i wanted.

good show, ROC. i bet it's a really nice piece. i think it's bad form for the seller to say he's upset about how little it went for. start the auction at $200 if that's the lowest you'll take.
i think it's bad form for the seller to say he's upset about how little it went for.
Agreed. That's happened to me twice (not bad for over 9 years using eBay I guess). But I don't know what they expect, really. Should I send a few extra bucks to ease your pain? Weird.

And I'm glad you got that copy of Hollywood so I could snag your old one. ;)
It was a bit weird, but he was okay about it.
I think he mentioned it because in the auction he says something like 'if this one goes well, I'll be putting more items up for sale'.
Obviously he meant well for him ;)

Hey jordan, I only bid $120! Sorry...couldn't resist telling you that (I'm a scumbag, I know). I'm glad you got that copy of Hollywood too. :)

You'll be able to view the Buk pieces on Chronics website shortly.
Well there's another one under $150 and its signed... Just not by Buk...

And I gotta say... you guys are endlessly entertaining.

I can't wait to read that "ROC, you should graciously bow out and give Jordan a fighting chance at this one" poem. With a title that long it MUST be good ;)
The seller is in Australia, so it should be fast shipping ot you. I know the guy. He is a good guy and a damn fine artist. I wish that is had gone better for him, but glad to see ROC get it for a good price, even if the bastard beat me by $1!

having seen some choice parts of ROC's buk collection, i assumed that if he were bidding, i was doomed!...

speaking of hollywood- i'm happy that now chronic's website will get 2 of the editions that are missing. the first trade edition is pretty rare, at least in my opinion, and probably harder to find than the one i got, but still...

let us know how you like x-ray when you get it.
LickTheStar - Thanks.
Bill - Fast, yes. But he wants 9USD and we are a 10 minute drive from one another.
jordan - I wish I instilled such fear in other ;)
Not only is the first trade edition of Hollywood is pretty hard to come by (for reasons discussed elsewhere), it's extremely difficult to find clean - being an all-white book.

Anyway, now I've just gotta find Buks pieces from X-ray 1, 3 & 4.
(Donations welcome)
for $6500 you can get the whole set from johnny brewton.

do you call yourself a collector? it's time to step up to the plate.

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