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Sold X-Ray Book Company: Dan Fante and A.D. Williams (1 Viewer)

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
Thought I'd Post this here first.

One Beautiful chapbook by A.D. Williams: $20.00

First buyer gets the Locklin

IMG_20160430_0026.jpg IMG_20160430_0027.jpg IMG_20160430_0028.jpg IMG_20160430_0029.jpg
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Ok, send me $5 for postage and effort and you can have either the Fante broads or the chap book. But only if you really want them because somebody else may want them more than you.

X-Ray has a cool factor that goes beyond the author.
I'll take the Fante broadsides if they're still available. Just tell me where to send the money.

I tried jamming it into my laptop but that seems to have caused issues...
You can't trust those NEW Mexicolians. Your state has been in the union for more than 100 years! Time to update that name!

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