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I've got all the xrays apart from no1. They're sooooo pretty. Johnny brewton knows his shit.

That bukowski box of photos he did with the bukowski 'poop' broadside was pretty special too. I'm waiting for no 11 to hit, but it looks like he might have called it a day...
You are one of the few with a full run. Nice job!

I wish I had the set. I have from X-Ray 7-10, Bagazine 1-3, Poop, and some assorted broadsides and books from X-Ray.

Yes, Yes....

Speaking of X-Ray - anyone know publication dates for these Bukowski broadsides?

3 more by Bukowski (and what are the 3 poems?)
be cool fool
Our Bones
I Shot the Cat
The Word
fencing with the shadows
Body Slam (1995?)
Let's Have Some Fun
A Consistent Sort (2007?)​
Most of them are dated.
I will have a look at mine when I get home and respond again unless someone else beats me to the punch.
3 more by Bukowski - (Luck of the Draw, Writing, Final Score) - 1995
Democracy - 2001
POOP - 2003
be cool fool - 2002
Our Bones - 2004
I Shot the Cat - 2004
The Word - 1998
fencing with the shadows - 1995
Body Slam - 1995
Let's Have Some Fun - 2005
Waste - 2003
A Consistent Sort - 2007
Well there you go!

Hey chronic, I should have just checked your website.

Incidentally, you could update '3 more by Bukowski' if 1995 is verified.

And the list is missing the 'self portrait' X-Ray did in 1994 as well (see left).
Thanks a lot MDR.
And the list is missing the 'self portrait' X-Ray did in 1994 as well (see left).
That is a broadside I suppose, but this is for the database so I have to stick to things with poems on them.
Oh, ok, sure.

Some of those broadsides aren't so broad either. If you know what I mean.

Is there a definition for such things? Would 'as Buddha smiles' be considered broadsides?
Have you seen Brewton's MISTAH LEARLY HE DEAD? A beautiful production with an essay by Hunter Thompson and blotter acid paper with Leary's face on it.
Is there a definition for such things? Would 'as Buddha smiles' be considered broadsides?
Well, the definition I have to use is a separate publication with a poem printed on it. There are some that excerpt novels and short stories but I can't count those (for database purposes). The broadsides are usually one poem, but there are a few with more than one poem.

As Buddha Smiles - as a broadside - is indeed in the new database, which lists 56 broadsides.
That makes sense.

But 'a separate publication with a poem printed on it' would then include those BSP matchbooks and I can't bring myself to call them broadsides.

Do you mean a previously unprinted poem or can it have been printed before?
A broadside is a sheet of paper printed on one side. So technically, something like Twenty Tanks From Kasseldown is not a broadside.
That would make some of the X-Ray pieces not broadsides too.

Some of them have X-Rays details, device and date on the back.
Yeah. I also played it sort of fast and loose at cb.com. Several of the items in the Broadside section are not technically broadsides, but where the hell else was I going to put them?
Fuck it. It all gets so precious, this book collecting stuff.

It's a great website and I can't wait for the new database to be up here as well.
Well there are technical reasons I can't classify certain things as - whatever. I am trying to gear any classification or definition toward commonly accepted ideas rather than strict bibliographic rules, since this isn't a research tool for people getting a LITERATURE degree of some kind. It's just a tool for normal jugheads (like me) looking up a poem.
I wouldn't consider myself a jughead either. Bonehead maybe... and I've been told that I'm both a shithead and a fuckhead, but not a jughead.

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