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Pan-slavism Requires Lots Of Garlic

You call your publication' apple'?

Are you yet another Slav who graces these pages?
Hey yab -

I noticed the name Martin Newell in the list of contributors. Is that the British musician - Off-White Album, Greatest Living Englishman, etc...?
Apple indeed, Mullinax, the genesis of sin, thus here we are.

re: Martin Newell; as far as i can remember, he is a member of the Las Vegas branch of the quasi-Marxist Catholic Worker movement.
Hmmm....I'm not sure if that rules him in or out !

In any case, thanks for the invitation to submit something for the mag.
Not that I'm a Bible expert, but if you read in Acts within the 2nd or 3rd chapter they write about how the first Christians in Jerusalem gave all of their money to St. Peter and the apostles. Then they would distribute it all back to everyone. Like communism was supposed to be. So the only odd part is Marx was an atheist. Las Vegas ?

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