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Haven't we discussed these toads before?

This autograph was cut from a larger document - it was donated to us from a private party, so we have no idea from where it comes. The signature is authentic and has been verified by GAI, serial # GF 5149. You will receive a COA from GAI along with this item

We have no idea where it comes from, but we guarantee it's authentic.
Uh... From the listing:

You are bidding on a signed autograph
from novelist and poet Charles Bukowski!

So. What exactly is a signed autograph?
We have discussed this before and got them to pull it last time. Now they wait a year and try their luck again.

I have lost all faith in GIA and their worthless COAs. I'm not saying that it is a forgery, but I cannot tell and I seem to remember others here having issues with this signature. If so, and we are more knowledgeable about Bukowski's signature then how would GIA have any idea what they are certifying? Or do they just give it a quick once over and take the money to issue the COA.

I know that I would not stake my name on this being real. I would never sell it.

Not to be objective here, but, although the "Ch" looks a tad "unusual," the rest has a definite air of authenticity to it. Of course, Buk's signature on an otherwise unassociated end paper (that's what it appears to be), is worth perhaps $50. Well, that's my opinion. Buk's sig varies in value depending on what publication it is in. In other words, the difference between the trade hardcover and a signed edition varies considerably from, say, Post Office to Betting on the Muse. All else being equal, forgetting seriagraph prints, original artwork, signatures with little man or little dog or big bird drawings, this siggie looks to me to be worth no more than $60. If real, which I'm inclined to think that it is.

Hell, I'm no expert, but owning some dozen or so signed Buk things, and spending rainy Saturday afternoons sifting through the signed manuscript section of this site, I would consider it genuine. Ugly and hastily signed, but genuine. It's apparently a cut-out end paper. If thrust in front of Buk, he would have likely signed it quickly. No COA would make me feel any better about that, though. I'd trust my eye more than anyone else's.
Actually, I thought your statement: "It's too bad to be a forgery" was closer to the truth than my long-winded-pretentious-seemingly-self-important-but-just-another-closet-Buk-fan-drunk opinion was. But that's just me.;)
Well, I hesitate to give away too many of my key points to a potential forger, but there are a few other things that ring true. Indeed, the "B" is very true. But, there's more.
In fairness, I should mention that I was the winner of this signature for $23.50. I'll let you know if it is authentic when it arrives. I can assure you that if it is not authentic, then GAI will have a very serious PR problem on their hands as they certified it as guaranteed authentic. I would hope that they would not just sell certs like some other outfits, but I don't know. It is always possible that it is good and I am just looking at it wrong. The great news is that this will be off of the marker either way. Either it will be with me (until I sell it), or it will be returned and will never show up for sale again....

Bill, it looks like that was cut from a book, so I would be interested to know which book you think it was cut from, based on size, etc. when you receive it...

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