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Just purchased this, and am not that familiar with his use of stationery. Was yellow a common color for him to use? I am reasonably certain of its authenticity, but was looking for any thoughts as to paper color.
The back of the sheet is white, which I found a little strange.
this letter is in 'Reach for the Sun', p.117.
Doodles, signature and typing look legit.
If this is a forgery, it's a savvy one. and why would a forger then risk to use strange paper?
That's legit all the way as my eye sees it. Nice score. (Note dog's tail pointing skyward; every assessment with a dog will hereforwith need to contain said information, apparently.)

As for the yellow paper, I have no thoughts other than shit happens. My only concern would be that it might be a copy rather than an original. Is there evidence of pen indentations?
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My only concern would be that it might be a copy...
Yeah, that paper is odd. We have a few manuscripts on colored paper, but not many, and I think they are all computer printouts. Though I could be mistaken about that.

But regular colored printing or typing paper is color all the way through - both sides. The pulp is actually colored before the paper is pressed. Single sided colored paper is colored or coated on one side and usually sold as art or craft paper. It's more expensive than normal colored paper, which would make it an odd choice to pick up at the office supply, or wherever he normally bought his paper (after drugstores stopped selling typing paper).

No way to tell anything from that picture. You have it in your hands, you tell us.
Purple is correct, it's a copy. The aspect is too flat, no indentations from pen or typer and the ink looks unoriginal. I received an immediate refund from the seller, who's a big presence on abe and eBay. He told me he got it from a "major" Buk collector, but this guy should have spotted the issues right away. Maybe an honest mistake, but I'm still more than a bit irritated. Thanks guys for the input.
this guy should have spotted the issues right away.
Yes. Which makes whether it was "an honest mistake" more than a little questionable.

People who sell fake shit love to pass the blame (when they are caught) on the person who (supposedly) sold them the fake shit. It's all so convenient.
When I bought that Red Stodolsky-made copy of Scarlet: Aren't You Going to Kiss Me Goodbye? from mjp (sold as a copy, I would add), I found a page that was sort of stuck to one of the cardboard covers (why, I'll likely never know). When I peeled it away I thought I had an original pencil/paint sketch by Buk (which I'm almost certain I would have communicated to our esteemed leader :rolleyes: ). I had to look at it for a while to be sure it was a copy. So, sometimes the emotional part of your brain can trick the more rational part of your brain. In any case, I'm not a bookseller and I figured it out, so you would think that this would have been noticed. But, honest mistake is still a possibility, I suppose.

Sorry to hear about this, Skiroo. At least you didn't get burned; just singed a bit.
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