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From Eugene, OR.. been in Vegas (despise it) for about 5 years now. I'm actually back in college, so I can try & actually do something productive w/ my life. I'm not old, but I definitely don't feel young enough to be in the college I attend. I'm presenting my 3rd speech, in a public speaking class I'm taking, the topic being C.B. of course.. 6-8 mins. will not be easy, but I know that most of these kids don't know a lot, so I hope to "shock & awe" a bit :?: HOORAY!!

If anyone has any suggestions on certain things (gotta be mainly "school friendly") that I might wanna talk more about than others... FEEL FREE to let me know! I'm stoked on this speech really & don't mind help w/ my creative flow.. Nice to meet everyone too.

An Orange speaker... you get it?

I have too much time on my hands. Welcome Jessie.
Jessie, PM me your mailing address, I want to send you a parcel. You will enjoy it. I baked them myself.

YES, they are COOKIES.

Also, do you collect Pez?

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