Yes, It's Me

51 ... mug from 2007 @39. "Uncle Charles" passed onward and outward on my 26th birthday just two years after being introduced as it were by a bow-tie wearing English Professor from West Tennessee (I had actually viewed "Barfly" in 88 or so but did not connect..) . kept some quotes lingering in my Christ filled noggin for the next decade until tequila and nearly 40 years of futile fucking demon suppression I purchased a printed collection of "Notes Of A Dirty Old Man" and now I can sit among and share the cup with most of the demons because Charles ripped the lock off. Like a lot of you I initially arrived here to delve into the immense database but I also really look forward to tuning in and sometimes sharing here on the 4-ummmmm


“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
I'm partial to Post Office in the novel department. Notes is cool too. Welcome Mr. Rex.