Yesterday's bouquet. (1 Viewer)

I am, again, searching for the title of a poem that I adore.

'You are yesterday's bouquet,
so sadly raided.'

(something to that effect)

Is included in the poem.
That's "One Night Stand", found in The Rooming House Madrigals: Early Selected Poems, 1946-1966

Poem with the same title also in "Poems Written Before Jumping Out Of An 8 Story Window" may be the same one, I don't know.
Same poem, with changes. I'd scan it out of 8 story window, but that book (the printing I have anyway) is perfect bound, and thin, so it doesn't lay flat.

8 story window version:

the latest hardware dangling upon my pillow catches
window lamplight through the mist of alcohol.

I was the whelp of a prude who whipped me when
the wind shook blades of grass the eye could see
move and
you were a
convent's girl watching the nuns shake loose
the Las Cruces sand from God's robes

you are
yesterday's bouquet so sadly
raided. I kiss your poor
breasts as my hands reach for love
this cheap Hollywood apartment smelling of
bread and gas and misery​

The rest is the same in both versions.

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