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Hi everyone, I'm originally from NY, I've lived in NJ for a couple of random years and now I've migrated to FL to stay closer to the sunshine. My first exposure to Bukowski was some random poem a friend recommended I read; I think it was Dinosauria, We. In any case, after looking up Bukowski and reading that he was a drunk and a skid row legend I was more than curious. I understood the drinking, the crazy women and the hate for the 8-10 hr a day job but I didn't understand the motivation for him writing so I thought I'd read some of his stuff and try to find out. My first Bukowski book was 'Women' which I thoroughly enjoyed and I've read every one of his novels, many of his short stories from 'Notes of a Diry Old Man', 'Portions of a Wine Stained Notebook' and several of his poetry books; my favorite being a tie between 'Love is a Dog From Hell' and 'You Get So Alone That it Just Makes Sense'. I've also watched all the documentaries and poetry readings and have the audio cd's in my ipod. At this point I'm a legit fan, whatever that may mean to you.

I guess I joined this site to read about recommendations for the stuff I haven't read or listened to or watched as well as new stuff on the horizon. I also thought it might be interesting to discuss what I have read with others that share my enthusiasm.

I write a bit of poetry myself. Most of it is dark and I really suck but that shouldn't stop me (it doesn't). I like the cathartic process of typing up my corny, weird insights and convincing myself I've constructed something poetic, it makes me feel just a tad bit fuzzy and warm where it counts.
Welcome D G. I guess you pretty much laid it all out nice and clear. Spend some time looking around at all of the good info in hear. You'll learn a few things.
Welcome aboard, DG! Nice intro. If you're into Bukowski you've come to the right place.
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welcome schmuck.

the pull-out couch is mine, but you're welcome to crash on the sofa in the basement.

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