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Before you ask, this is from Basta. No kidding.



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Thanks, cirerita! That's a cool pic of Buk. - Is Basta an American (skin) mag?
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looks like it's from the same session as this one:



(ps: this will be the front-cover pic of the 2008-yearbook.)


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Very nice. Thanks.

There is/was also a German mag called "Basta", or am I wrong? There was even an Austrian one, I believe. Seems a popular title.
Wow, really? It's the Austrian one? That's interesting. Then it is/was the one from Wolfgang Fellner, an infamous printmedia-tycoon. He sort of started the yellow press here in Austria, without, really, we couldn't have lived.
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Do you know what's the topic of the article/interview/whatever? The release of Ham on Rye? I'd have thought it was about Barfly, but if the picture was taken in 1982, like roni's Montfort-shot, this would have been to early. If you can upload the text I could try to give you an impression, what it's about.
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It's an excerpt from the Sean Penn interview. The formatting (Q & A) is different from the Interview version, though.

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