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I've been a trashly heavy drinker for the past 3 years, with sometimes months of almost daily drinking of around 400 ml of 40% alcoholled spitzers (i guess thats how distilled beverages are called up north, right?).
Not only that, recently I usually spend 2 to 3 days at around 900 ml/day. Sometimes, an entire week. I usually stop when I start getting bad hangovers. I mean... I usually don't even have hangovers... I am totally able to normally function a day after drinking some 500 ml, not to mention that I would go on for hours and hours of chit chatting either online (yes, typing) or offline. The very reason I drink is mostly sollitude, so... A "substitute for companionship" did resonate here. I can also normally drive - I usually drive a motorcycle (and it's a bad one). One could argue that I think I can drive but I'd agree to disagree. My drinks of choice suck. Converted, would cost around 3 or 4 dollars a bottle (R$ 16), while what you probably see as a shitty whiskey like a red label are around 20 dollars.

While I disagree with tje guy who has went out of detoxes recently in some stuff like - my hardons are rock hard, very rarely I get any level of brain fog, I'm expressing myself on a language I dont do daily but weeeell I think he has some points there because first and foremost: I've been that heavy of a drinker for only some years and I am only almost 35. I am SURE that I'd be dead if I done that same amount on a day of my adolescence. It feels like tolerance built its way very well on me on both effects and the bodily reactions that allow eveeything to keep its functions despite such high dosis of venom flowing around AND second, I only came here exactly because problems are happening... Different than those he wrote about, but...

I remembered myself of some passages of Women that surprisingly nobody mentioned - they may have spoken more intimately to me - where Buk said he drank whiskey heavily night around and would have some dozen pages wrote by the morning... Pages which he read, kept what was not worthless right after he took his morning puke.
Reminding myself of that, I, who did feel some levels of abdominal pain here and there and rn am struggling with a constant (yet light) one below what I believe is my liver (an organ said to have no pain nerves, but on which "simple" scarring may be a symptom of imminent death), wanted to check if anyone knew how much he really drank because... As I constantly drink way more than most hobos, I dont know if I believe I could take that for many years... Would sound really awesome (well, not really haha) if that old man kept that for so long.

For the biochemists on the thread, I am caucasian (italo-french-iberic), 1,74m, 85 kg. Fvck the imperial system.
He really did drink a lot, way too much, for most of his adult life. Remember that he wound up in the hospital early on, almost drinking himself to death. It wasn't until he was married to Linda Lee that he finally eased up, limited the drinking to a more moderate amount, but still ended up developing Leukemia from all the bodily abuse. He was a hardcore alcoholic and suffered countless hangovers that he "cured" with more drinking. I'm sure that he felt like crap for far too much of his life.
There's a forum called Modern Drunkard BBS. I do not recommend hanging out there, nor do I recommend drinking to excess (or at all). I went through a stage like that myself, and indeed I think reading Bukowski can give one the impression that one may drink with impunity. But of course that's not the case. As you point out, the stuff is poison ("venom"), and as Bukowski pointed out, it's often used as a stay against loneliness.

That said, I'd encourage you to find a way out from under it before it beats you to death, for it surely will.
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