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you can buy one... or a half dozen (1 Viewer)

...which leads me to another point..
how does anyone RIGHTFULLY charge another person $12 shipping for a COMIC book!? eBay is a great site, but there are a lot of SHADY individuals who believe they should not only make money on their item but also pad the pockets on criminal shipping charges... Bill Roberts is one of the 'good' guys, charges you what it costs to ship an item, not what it costs plus another 5-10 bucks because of GREED...
Yes, There are some real asses out there. Ones that charge you $15 for shipping and handling. You question it and they say that it is for mailing supplies, postage, etc. One week later you get it, in a priority envelope (free from the post office) and a $4.05 stamp on it.

There is a thinking on Ebay that selling a $15 item for $5 plus $10 shipping is making them the same money and screwing ebay out of fees as they do not collect ebay fees on S&H. Truthfully, for me, I will usually not bid on something with a very high postage price. It just makes me feel queasy. I did just buy a copy of "The New Censorship". $10 bid, plus $10 shipping. I did not aske the seller to adjust it, as I knew going in that the shipping was high, but I would not have paid one cent over $10, while, I would probably have bid as much as $30 for this one, if the shipping was a few dollars...

... Then there are those sellers that justify high S&H charges by saying that they have to be paid to stand in line at the post office. I think that argument is complete bullshit. If you have one item to mail and you wait 1/2 hour in line, you are making $20 an hour to stand in line. Imagine if they are mailing 20 items at a shot. Still the same 1/2 hour in line, but they are now making $400 an hour. My thoughts are that you cannot expect a bidder on ebay to pay more because the seller lives far from the post office, or does not own a car.

Just my rant. Thanks for listening...


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