You can now like the Bukowski-Society

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  1. Yes, it's true!

    After our symposium a week ago, we decided (again) it was time to join facebook, but (again) I said it was too much for me to do this too (on my own). So, our founder Falko Hennig started a group there:

    I don't know, if or how long this group will survive/be active and I guess we don't have anything to give, that you haven't read here anyway. So this is kind of trial balloon to find out, if anybody's interested in such a thing as a Bukowski-Society-facebook-group.

    And don't forget the BEST thing about it:

    After you've loved us for such a long time,
    You can now even LIKE the Charles-Bukowski-Society!!!

  2. The page was not in English. I couldn't understand it, so I UNliked it. I also didn't like the profile pic, sorry. :( It kinda reminded me of Ray Charles, whom I like also. *Goes off to look for a Ray Charles page.*

    I already have a Bukowski page on FB I have liked--which one is this?
  3. yeah. godamn foreigners.
  4. Bukfan

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    Right, how dare they have a profile pic some people don't like, not to mention the page being only partly in English. :rolleyes:
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  5. That's not how I meant it you guys, but never mind.
  6. Erik

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    I like. But damn, another site not in Norwegian!?! Hrrrmf.

    Roni: did you present your information on the "martinization" of Buk's posthumous poetry collections?
    And if so, how did the audience react?
  7. Thanks for liking it, in case you liked it!

    I too wasn't happy with that profile-pic and have changed it already. The subtitles of the pictures in the folders are usually in English.

    I did present the information. They were shocked.


    more about this will come.
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  8. Ponder

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  9. Asks the lazy anarchist. :rollfool:

  10. aren't we all too lazy?
    Does Anything matter? (at all that is)

    okay, here's your favorite smartass promising: There will come more and it will come from me.
    No details about the "when" though.
    Good enough?
  11. Beware the average man, facebook is full of them
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