You can now like the Bukowski-Society (1 Viewer)

Yes, it's true!

After our symposium a week ago, we decided (again) it was time to join facebook, but (again) I said it was too much for me to do this too (on my own). So, our founder Falko Hennig started a group there:

I don't know, if or how long this group will survive/be active and I guess we don't have anything to give, that you haven't read here anyway. So this is kind of trial balloon to find out, if anybody's interested in such a thing as a Bukowski-Society-facebook-group.

And don't forget the BEST thing about it:

After you've loved us for such a long time,
You can now even LIKE the Charles-Bukowski-Society!!!

The page was not in English. I couldn't understand it, so I UNliked it. I also didn't like the profile pic, sorry. :( It kinda reminded me of Ray Charles, whom I like also. *Goes off to look for a Ray Charles page.*

I already have a Bukowski page on FB I have liked--which one is this?
Right, how dare they have a profile pic some people don't like, not to mention the page being only partly in English. :rolleyes:
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I like. But damn, another site not in Norwegian!?! Hrrrmf.

Roni: did you present your information on the "martinization" of Buk's posthumous poetry collections?
And if so, how did the audience react?
Thanks for liking it, in case you liked it!

I too wasn't happy with that profile-pic and have changed it already. The subtitles of the pictures in the folders are usually in English.

I did present the information. They were shocked.


more about this will come.
aren't we all too lazy?
Does Anything matter? (at all that is)

okay, here's your favorite smartass promising: There will come more and it will come from me.
No details about the "when" though.
Good enough?

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