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You don't see wormwood #8 every day (1 Viewer)

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Would that be the first appearance of "For Jane?" One of his best, I think. You're right, mjp, that's a very scarce and important item.
It is the first appearance of "For Jane," (most of the wormwood appearances were firsts) but not Bukowski's first appearance in wormwood. That was #7.

I wonder what a full run of wormwoods would set you back these days...
There are really none to be found (Full runs). #1 & #2 are nearly impossible to find. The only copies of those sare reprints (edition of 27) that Marvin did. Figure that there were at least 110 actual isues (145 numbers, but some were double issues), and figure between $10 and $75 each. If you could find them at even $10 a piece, you are looking at $1100 for a run, although in reality a full run would probably set you back $3k - $5k.

I have a complete set and it is one of those things that took me years to get and something that I would never part with.

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