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Hi everyone!

I read this poetry collection a year ago and it really touched me deeply. Unfortunately I found out that a lot of his poetry that has been released after his death has been edited, especially in regard to references about prostitutes, drugs, gambling, drinking and profanities. This collection has plenty of all that so the question is, how 'pure' are these poems? Are they heavily edited?
Howdy! That book was published in 1986, before Bukowski's death, so I'm guessing Martin didn't heavily edit it, as he did with the posthumous collections. It's probably pretty "pure" as you put it.
Ahh thanks man, this brings me great joy! I will re-read these poems soon for the second time.
Do you happen to know if there are any posthumous works around that aren't heavily edited?
The posthumous collections edited by David Calonne and Published by City Lights are reliable. Calonne just does the normal kind of editing (correcting spelling and punctuation, etc.) and not the heavy-handed John Martin style of rewriting.
My excuses for the late reply, haven't been here since summer. Thank you though, I will look through your link because I only want to read authentic works.

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