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You Get So Alone - signed print version (1 Viewer)

YOU GET SO ALONE... has the Buk print tipped into all 126 cps, both numbered and lettered. If it has been detached and then laid in, the price will be diminished considerably. I think the seller made a sales text error. You could just ask the seller.

I'm betting the reserve is $750.

Here is G of the 26 lettered copies.

YOU GET SO ALONE... Charles Bukowski - 126 hand-bound & sgnd hc cps tipped in original sgnd Buk .jpg
I missed your post, PBBUK, but I asked him as well. Apparently, he's going to change the listing to reflect it being bound/tipped in. In other words, an original in original condition.

A very nice book, but the reserve is high. Probably $500.

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