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I just bought a nice copy (the most fully realized cover drawing I've seen). The book and printed jacket are as new. It has an acetate over-jacket that certainly appears to be BSP issue, which is about fine, but has two hairline cracks. Krumhansl (sorry, aaron, just cutting you a break from my more than once daily calls) doen't seem to mention the acetate jacket. Krumhansl 61b. Was an acetate jacket issued on all illustrated copies? All regular issue copies?

Please, as always, excuse the shitty image quality.
I have a (hand-drawn) copy also with similar qualities. Yes, there is an acetate dust jacket over the orange paper jacket on mine too.

In my copy, Bukowski has written "YOU IS ILL" in the (hollow) letters of YOU KISSED LILLY.
Do you know this is the only time I felt kind of gypped when buying a Black Sparrow limited edition? They've got a lot of nerve calling these covers "illustrated." A few squiggly magic marker lines does not an illustration make.
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