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An interesting clip. The interviewer is some Martin Coenen. Linda Lee joins in at the beginning.

--> [This video is unavailable.]
Thanks, Johannes. I had never seen this one. Youtube is certainly a treasure trove. Too bad the quality sucks. Oh, well...
This is a part of the tape I have on VHS. Last month a Belgian guy tried to sell this tape (25 minutes or so). I don't know he got any money out of it but I find it disgusting. I had some correspondence with the owners of the Dutch Ebay but they finally told me the Belgian channel or Linda Lee Bukowski has the rights...With other words...this guy was able to sell tons of illegally copies, or not. Greedy people have no any principles of course...He asked 12.50 euro for a illegal copy. So, go ahead if you want to buy an illegally copy. Not my style. Puke.

A buknet member just told me the tape is for sale via youtube. I truly hope someone will informe Linda Lee Bukowski and take this guy to court as soon as possible.
Nope, and as you can see he still tries to sell it.
I suppose Linda Bukowski doesn't visit this forum.

His email-addy is included on youtube. Anyone
wants to email him and telling him he is doing illegally business?

[This video is unavailable.]

I don't actually have a problem with someone selling something that we would otherwise never get to see. You or I might give it away free, but that's not everyone's nature, so...

If there's a copyright (and I don't know about Dutch law - maybe there isn't) it belongs to the television station that aired the program I suppose. Copyright law is different everywhere.

But this - I don't think this is the same as putting the Bukowski tapes or the new readings on youtube. I don't see selling a TV show as taking money out of anyone's pocket. Unless of course that television network also sells the program, in which case I would agree with you.
thanks for the response, ponder. shame. we do get a good look at the san pedro home.

sanctioned copies may help to irradicate bulllshit bukboots...
maybe somebody could get their head out of their ass and make this thing available on dvd.
good stuff though. i was tempted to get a copy.

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