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It says that it is an extra from "Born Into This". .

Great stuff.... I love how he is wearing a Bukowski t-shirt. My favorite part is when Linda runs into the camera at the end. A great reading and very touching.

Yes its a big chunk of what I think is Bukowski's final recorded reading. On my Born Into This DVD (Australian) the whole thing runs to 13 min 12 secs. Filmed at their home in February 1992, by Linda.

Check the Poem Reference thread.
just when i think i've seen it all! nice to see b in such intimacy, of their san pedro home; there's a certain satisfaction from reading the poems about that period.

thanks, Father, for bringing it to our attention.
I bought BIT about 5 years ago years ago from
As far as I know it's the American version and
like hank solo said: final home recording.
Or amazon sold me the Australian version...?
I think that particular extra was on all versions.
The really nice part of that is he had cats instead of hecklers. The Bukowski T-shirt was a nice touch too. Thank you Father Luke.
I think that particular extra was on all versions.

I think so too. There's only two versions, right? The ordinary and the French version (2 DVD's?) which included Buk on the French Apostrophe talk show...
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As far as I know,

there's a French version,

a U.S. version,

an Australian version

and a Japanese version


What's on them? All I know is what is here
I read the link and it seems like the US version and the Australian version is the same, although the latter has a different "breakdown". Only the French version is different in content having the Apostophe show and a segment called Bukowski In France included.
What's on the Japanese version is still a mystery. It could be the US/Australian version or the french...
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