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"The law is wrong; I am right"
zappa was arrested and spent a while in jail just for making a fake sex tape for a guy with a girl and himself, faking all the "sexual" sounds.

"Well there's forty-four men
stashed away in tank "C"
An'there's only one shower
but it don't apply to Bobby"

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Indeed it is! I'm a big Zappa fan. I have most of his albums. Btw, Barry Miles, who wrote a Buk bio, also wrote a Zappa bio. If you're into Zappa I'll recommend it. It's an ok bio...
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I'm a big Zappa fan....

Bukfan - I am too, brother ! I only saw him live on two occasions, but one of those concerts (1988-89?) ended up on the "Broadway The Hard Way" album. Recorded live in Chicago, with guest vocalist Sting doing the Police song "Murder By Numbers", which at the time, was being condemned by Christian fundamentalists as a SATANIC song that promoted MURDER !!!!
They had fun with that one. I also recall a version of "Stairway To Heaven" wherein every member of the band played the Jimmy Page guitar solo. Fuckin' hilarious to hear the horns and bass guitar and keyboards all doing that classic solo NOTE FOR NOTE !

A great show. Also, if you ever get the chance to see the band "Project/Object" don't miss them. It is composed of former Zappa bandmates like Ike Willis, Napoleon Murphy Brock, and occasionally Don Preston. They hire top-notch, young-gun musicians (like FZ would) to back them up and they just fucking TEAR IT UP.

I can also personally attest to the fact that Napoleon Murphy Brock is one of the nicest, warmest, non-egomaniacal, people in the music business I have ever met. Before the show, he likes to hang out at the bar, have a coffee and cognac, and chat with the fans - signing autographs, taking pictures, etc... A great guy who really appreciates the things that a life in music has given him. I can totally see why Zappa chose him not only for his musical chops, but his down-to-earth qualities. Too many people write off Zappa as a freaky anarchist, when in real life he was actually a family man, with the same concerns we all have. God bless him - what a loss to the music world.

Ahh....what a biography I could write right now !
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I've got Broadway The Hard Way and The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life, also from the '88 tour. It's got Stairways To Heaven!
Although I'm old enough to have seen him live, I never did (damn!). I know he played here in Copenhagen in the sixties and seventies, but back then I wasn't into Zappa. But I have some of his concerts on DVD: Does Humor Belong In Music (live, The Pier, NYC 1984), Baby Snakes Halloween NYC 1979), A Token Of His Extreme (1974 I think) and The Dub Room Special (concerts from 1974 & 1981). Oh, and on video I've got 200 Motels and Zappa's Universe (a tribute concert for Frank on his 50th birthday by Dweezil etc).
I have'nt heard of Project/Object, but I've heard of The Grandmothers which also is composed by former band members.
Yes, people thought he was a freak but he was actually very conservative in many ways and an astute businessman. His autobiography was very funny (The Real Frank Zappa Book). Nice to know that I'm not the only Zappa fan here...
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I saw Zappa in the seventies and all I can remember is a red rabbit (or was it a goat?) stuffed toy (doll?) that he had on stage and used as a prop. Maybe some dame played a plastic electric violin? Can't remember much else except that in an arena of 20 thousand dopers I was one of the few slurping beer. Same with a Dylan concert. The show was ok, everyone smoked up and I took nips from my (barely) concealed mickey.

Saw Simple Minds in Rome in 83 (or was it 85?) and the WOPS didn't do things in half-measures. Hard drugs abounded and I imbibed grappa. Saw Simple Minds again in Montreal later that year and it was a totally different crowd of well-dressed New Romantics stoned on white powder. Me, I had some Molsons.

Kraftwerk in Chicago in 1981. A beer crowd.
Frank Zappa was a trail blazer. I had a decent collection of his stuff in the 70's and it was all stolen. I now have an MP3 with about 6 hours of his music. He was one person I would have liked to meet. Like Mullinax I saw him in 1973 at the Shrine Auditorium. You had to be there. He's not the same old meatloaf.
I don't remember any stuffed animals, just fine music.
I sold my Zappa albums to buy liquor. Whenever I pee into a snowbank I think of him.
Whenever I see an overpriced item I think of the title of Frank's third album...
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Whenever I see an overpriced item I think of the title of Frank's third album...

Absolutely Free or We're Only In It For The Money ?

I can't remember exactly...seems like Lumpy Gravy was in there somewhere at that time, too....

Also should have mentioned above that his eldest son, Dweezil, has put together some terrific bands that play FZ's music and completely do it justice. I saw the latest incarnation at the Civic Opera House last July.

How great was the show ?
Their opening number was "Echidna's Arf(Of You)"

Yeah - it was that good. :)
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W.O.I.I.F.T.M. - really great experimental album that ranks right up there with Firesign Theatre in its weird slice-of-life comedy and loopy satire.

My fav songs -

"Mom and Dad"
"What's The Ugliest Part of Your Body"
"The Idiot Bastard Son"
Right! Those are my favourites too, together with, Who Needs The Peace Corpse" and "Flower Punk"!

Ah, "Echidna's Arf (Of You)", I've got it on the album, "Zappa/Mothers - Roxy And Elsewhere".
"Lumpy Gravy" was Zappa's fourth album, right after W.A.O.I.I.F.T.M.
I've heard about Dweezil's band ('s), but I don't have any of his albums yet. Only the video "Zappa's Universe", a tribute to Zappa on his 50th birthday. The band was made up of Zappa band members and Zappa's kids, Dweezil, Achmet and Moon. It's also out on dvd and cd. I've heard Dweezil's guitar on a handful of Zappa albums too. He's his fathers son alright!
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Like Bukowski, Zappa had provocative titles. Weasel Ripped My Fleshand Shiek Yerbouti to name a couple- with spelling errors.
A song on several albums Peaches En Regalia is good as is Little Umbrellas.
Sheik yerbouti (shake your booty) - LOL! He sure had some funny titles! Like, Have I Offended Someone? (compilation 1997), Strictly Commercial (another compilation), One Size Fits All, Burnt Weeny Sandwich, Apostrophe (`), Does Humor Belong In Music?, Baby Snakes, Thing-Fish, Broadway The Hard Way etc. etc.
Little Umbrellas and Peaches In Regalia are both on the album Hot Rats (an almost instrumental album only). I love Peaches In Regalia. It's a catchy tune.
You could argue that there's some similarities between Buk and Zappa. Both of them were highly original and both of them were outsiders in their respective art. I wonder how many similarities you could find if you digged a little deeper...
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Well folks, today is Don Pardo's 90th birthday. How many remember his classic opening sequence to the Illinois Enema Bandit on Zappa Live in New York?

I was unable to locate that particular version, but this one will remind everyone of the terrible legacy of Michael Kenyon.

[This video is unavailable.]

Happy Birthday Don!
Well folks, today is Don Pardo's 90th birthday. How many remember his classic opening sequence to the Illinois Enema Bandit on Zappa Live in New York?

I've got the album. Great opening sequence! (There's another version of the song on the album, "You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Vol. 6", from Dec. 1984, performed at the Universal Amphitheater, L.A.)...

FL: That's a funny clip alright! Strange to see Frank in a suit and tie. Yeah, we all miss him!
Btw, Frank has a 12 min. long track from the hearings on his album, "Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention", called "Porn Wars".
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The little fat guy with the bad rug is fuckwit.

Yes. It was another uncomfortable time for America, and
Frank Zappa was an articulate voice of reason. I admire him a
great deal.

While they're still up, as these videos are being pulled faster
than your favorite analogy, go here:

Here's Frank's last interview. Kinda sad but he's still the same old "provocateur":

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Zappa is definitely an interesting character. I like 'im. Crazy songs. I'll have to watch those vids when I get home from work. If they're still there.

Strangely, my wife was the one to introduce me to him.
Well folks, today is Don Pardo's 90th birthday....Happy Birthday Don!

A couple of years ago, I caught a re-run of the 1977 Saturday Night Live episode where Frank was the musical guest. Don Pardo was outstanding as the "narrator" of I Am The Slime, complete with foamy green slime oozing out of the studio's cameras and monitors ! Great stuff. Thankfully, I recorded it on VHS and should probably transfer that shit to digital sometime.
Indeed it is! I'm a big Zappa fan. I have most of his albums. Btw, Barry Miles, who wrote a Buk bio, also wrote a Zappa bio. If you're into Zappa I'll recommend it. It's an ok bio...

i have both the zappa and the buk bios by miles. they're both pretty swell. still a diehard zappa fan. listening to the best band you never heard in your life. check this out. i started going through the entire discography and all the stuff i have to see just exactly how vast my zappa collection is. heres what I got:

Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention
Main albums
. Freak Out! *
"¢ Absolutely Free *
"¢ We're Only in It for the Money *
"¢ Lumpy Gravy *
"¢ Cruising with Ruben & the Jets
"¢ Uncle Meat
"¢ Hot Rats *
"¢ Burnt Weeny Sandwich *
"¢ Weasels Ripped My Flesh *
"¢ Chunga's Revenge *
"¢ Fillmore East - June 1971
"¢ 200 Motels *
"¢ Just Another Band from L.A. *
"¢ Waka/Jawaka *
"¢ The Grand Wazoo *
"¢ Over-Nite Sensation *
"¢ Apostrophe (') *
"¢ Roxy & Elsewhere *
"¢ One Size Fits All *
"¢ Bongo Fury *
"¢ Zoot Allures *
"¢ Zappa in New York
"¢ Studio Tan *
"¢ Sleep Dirt *
"¢ Sheik Yerbouti *
"¢ Orchestral Favorites *
"¢ Joe's Garage *
"¢ Tinseltown Rebellion
"¢ Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar *
"¢ You Are What You Is *
"¢ Ship Arriving Too Late to Save a Drowning Witch *
"¢ The Man from Utopia *
"¢ Baby Snakes *
"¢ London Symphony Orchestra, Vol. 1
"¢ Boulez Conducts Zappa: The Perfect Stranger *
"¢ Them or Us
"¢ Thing-Fish
"¢ Francesco Zappa
"¢ Frank Zappa Meets the Mothers of Prevention
"¢ Does Humor Belong in Music? *
"¢ Jazz from Hell *
"¢ London Symphony Orchestra, Vol. 2
"¢ Guitar
"¢ You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 1 *
"¢ You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 2 *
"¢ Broadway the Hard Way
"¢ You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 3 *
"¢ The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life *
"¢ You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 4 *
"¢ Make a Jazz Noise Here
"¢ You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 5*
"¢ You Can't Do That on Stage Anymore, Vol. 6
"¢ Playground Psychotics
"¢ Ahead of Their Time
"¢ The Yellow Shark *
Civilization Phaze III
"¢ The Lost Episodes
"¢ Läther *
"¢ Mystery Disc *
"¢ Everything Is Healing Nicely
"¢ FZ:OZ
"¢ Halloween
"¢ Joe's Corsage
"¢ Joe's Domage
"¢ Joe's XMASage
"¢ Imaginary Diseases *
"¢ Trance-Fusion *
"¢ Buffalo *
"¢ The Dub Room Special
"¢ Wazoo *
"¢ One Shot Deal
Mothermania *
"¢ The Guitar World According to Frank Zappa
"¢ Strictly Commercial *
"¢ Frank Zappa Plays the Music of Frank Zappa: A Memorial Tribute
"¢ Have I Offended Someone? *
"¢ Strictly Genteel
"¢ The Frank Zappa AAAFNRAA Birthday Bundle
Box sets
The Old Masters Box One
"¢ The Old Masters Box Two
"¢ The Old Masters Box Three
"¢ Beat the Boots*
"¢ Beat the Boots II *
"¢ The MOFO Project/Object *
and videos
200 Motels *
"¢ Baby Snakes *
"¢ The Dub Room Special *
"¢ Video from Hell *
"¢ Does Humor Belong in Music? *
"¢ The True Story of Frank Zappa's 200 Motels
"¢ The Amazing Mr. Bickford *
"¢ Uncle Meat
"¢ The Torture Never Stops

* - own, in some form

doesnt seem like much of a dent, huh?
I've only been in the midst of a zappa obsession for a couple years but still. THERES JUST TOO MUCH DAMN MATERIAL,!!!!!!!
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That's quite a Zappa collection you got there! Well done!
There's a some on your list I don't have myself, which is some of the purely instrumental Albums. I like some of his instrumentals (the melodic ones), but I prefer the ones with lyrics.

If you got, "The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life", then you need to get, "Broadway The Hard Way" too (it's not on your list). Both albums are from Zappa's last tour in 1988. Speaking of his last tour in 1988 , there's a new Zappa DVD out, "Zappa In Barcelona", recorded and filmed on May 17, 1988. It was released in 2007 by a company called "Masterplan" (MP 42088). It's 207 min. 47 sec. long. That's about 31/2 hours! It must be the last concert footage of Zappa! It's a great concert!

There's also another DVD not on your list called, "Frank Zappa - A Token Of His Extreme", from FNM (Falcon Neue Medien - FNM 0288) and it was issued in 2004. Some of the material is from "The Dub Room Special", but not all of it. It's worth buying!
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Henry Chinaski that is impressive. Now in a few years you'll meet and fall in love with a girl who will hate Frank Zappa. Not to worry that happens with a happy ending.;)
I like that Filmore East 1971. That was in my collection that was stolen November 1973. Mud Shark,Do you Like my New Car, a great version of Peaches and Regalia to name a few. I use to be able to quote most of that album. :) I know I'm in awe.
I stumbled upon a new Zappa DVD at my local music shop. It's called:

Frank Zappa - Live Transmissions.
- 30th anniversary limited edition

from Edgehill publishing ltd

It features classic Saturday Night Live performances from 1976 and 1978, and an interview with Zappa. - Featured Tracks:

Peaches In Regalia - Purple Lagoon - I'm The Slime - Dancin'Fool - The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing - St. Alphonzo's Breakfast/Rollo.

Running time: 48 min.
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WHoa, thats really cool.

I recently added these to the collection:

broadway the hardway
them or us
playground psychotics
make a jazz noise here
francessco zappa
all the you can't do that on stage volumes
baby snakes audio
does humor belong in music

and a couple others i can't think of.
ALSO got the newest ONE SHOT DEAL. pretty good version of Austrailian Yellow Snow.

about 75 percent finished with the real frank zappa book. very good.


That's great HC! I've got most of the albums you mention except for Jazz Noise and Francesco zappa. Brodway The Hard Way is really funny. Most of the tracks are also on the Zappa In Barcelona DVD.

Yes, The Real Frank Zappa Book is awesome because it's zappa's own bio. Another good bio is Barry Miles' Zappa bio. He actually knew Zappa.

I hope one day Zappa plays Zappa will appear over here. I'm sure you'll find it a great performance - you lucky devil...
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Here is what people are doing with Frank Zappa songs these days. Just like some of Bukowski's poems are timeless so is Frank Zappa-except for the part about leisure suits.
and some of the images are very offensive but funny to some.
***Not inteneded to display any political slant or ideals****

Very funny - but they should've let the pics follow the words in a better way, but funny all the same. - Thanks, Gerard...
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zappa on tcm friday night

A couple Frank Zappa movies on the Turner Classic Movie channel tonight:

The World's Greatest Sinner which features his music. From 1962. Frank mentions this movie as being the worst ever on his appearance with Steve Allen on the Tonight Show back in 1962. Frank supplied the music.

from all appearances.

and 200 Motels. Theodore Bikel, Ringo, . Can't believe the movie won't the censored, but maybe not.
man, i could just never get into zappa.

alright. i'll hand out the soap in a pillowcase and you can all pummel me now.
It was an "acquired taste" I got back in 1974/5. On the weekends from my horrible job (turkey catching) I'd either buy a Rolling Stones LP or a Mothers LP down at Kelly's Records in New West or Vancouver. Everything up to about the early 1970s for both bands I tend to listen to, and nothing beyond that. Must just be music that helped me get through that job that I'm nostalgic for.

Taping the movies. Back from my shift and too beat to concentrate on anything but the ringing in my ears.

(Two weeks vacation. Hooray!)
man, i could just never get into zappa.

alright. i'll hand out the soap in a pillowcase and you can all pummel me now.

Those of us who can find the diamonds of creative genius buried in Zappa's work, like the fact that most people don't get it.
Don't worry vodka, we won't lay a hand on you. ;)

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